Fishing can spoil you at times and here at Rockells farm in Essex is no exception. This place has only 2 matches a month and you need 400lb to frame! Pleasure sessions are just mad and there is not many people who dont end with less than 100lb. There was days when 100lb was target, but with so many commercials small stocked carp growing on 200lb or 300lb is there for the taking.

Well established....definitely no hole in the ground!

I was the 1st angler on the lake and had my choice of swims so decided on the end peg over the inlet stream. This peg has an unreachable bay with an overhanging tree at the front making it one of the fancied pegs on the lake.

There were fish showing all over the place so I was hopeful for a big weight. Putting in two big pots of riddled catmeat to get things going two meters to my right one meter from the bank as this was going to be my only line of attack. I fished with 18" of 10lb line (no float) direct to a size 12 hook in 3 feet of water.
My chosen hookbait was thumbnail pieces of flattened bread (to make it sink). Feeding a dozen expanders by hand every put in.

It must have been all of 30 seconds to get my 1st fish and a 1lb pasty was in the net. This was quickly followed by another slightly larger carp followed by another and another (you get the picture). The 1st hour saw me put 75lb in the net as I fed, dropped in bait, hooked fish fed whilst pulling carp to the left, netting fish and repeating over and over! The odd 3 and 4lb fish were making an appearance and bumped up the weight. I never use a keepnet here and cant be bothered to keep emptying it (such a chore!).

The next few hours were steady apart from two six pounders and the sun now on the swim and me reaching for the sun cream.
The fish were starting to fade so I opted to put another helping of catmeat in and and change to a small boilie hair rigged at the same depth. This produced better bites and now I didnt have to rebait after each fish or missed bites. Now things seemed to step up a bit with (if you can believe it) more fish going in the net.

My estimated weight on the clicker after 5 hours was 330lb. I was very happy with this but felt the lake had more to offer with the bigger carp. There are lots of double figure carp here at Rockells and I hadnt caught or hooked any! I now opted to put a mixture of groundbait, pellets and riddled catmeat on the bottom to try and persuade the bigger carp to make an appearance. But all this did was make the water black with fish making foulhooking a problem. The stamp of fish was getting bigger but sorting them out was impossible.

All the fish wanted was more and more and more feed. It seemed the more I put in the more fish turned up and overdoing it seemed impossible! Then I hooked one of the bigger fish which broke me. It was time to call it a day and what a day it had been. I finished with 437lb after 7 hours fishing averaging around 60lb of fish an hour. Lots of anglers around me caught plenty of fish that day with loads of spare pegs to be had.

I dont fish as much as I would like so coming here more than makes up for it.