Well then what can I say, got up on Saturday morning to bright sunshine. Totally against the forecast.

The venue for todays get together of the TA crew was Willowgarth at Arksey near Doncaster, for our silverfish match. The draw was scheduled for 8.30am so after a swift pit stop at the big yellow M too feed the fat belly I managed to get down to the venue at just after 8, and there were already a few of the lads in attendance. By draw time we had a respectable 20 anglers, not bad for a cold winters day - thanks to all those who made the effort, it was good to put faces to the forum names.

We put 10 anglers on front and ten on back, I was last to draw and peg 11 on back lake came out - not a peg we normally put in but I was happy until I got to the peg and sat down.

When we had pegged the lakes in the morning we put more pegs round the island as it looked about 13M to the island on that side (bearing in mind it is never put in in matches)... having sat down and got the pole out I quickly found it was 16M to the stickups and with the wind already gusting and gales forecast there was going to be problems!!! This was even more compounded when I put a rig on... and found 2.5ft everywhere in my peg - gutted wasn't the word, most of the good pegs on the back lake have about 4ft of water and thinking 2.5ft wasnt going to be good - I was then already thinking the stickups were going to be the only place I could catch.

The match kicked off and I had decieded to feed 4 lines - 6M left and right, 14M left and 16M right (down wind slightly to give me a chance) - on the two close lines I kicked off cupping in 20 maggots and 250ml of hemp. The log lines I cupped in 40-50 casters and 500ml of hemp.

Rigs consisted of 0.2grm richard latimer green worm on 0.07 straignt through to a gamma black 22, bazzerla worm 4x12 on 0.08 straight through to 18 gamma black (for bagging), KC carpa chimp 4x10 on 0.08 straight through to 0.08 gamma black 18, and lastly a 4x8 latimer special on 0.08 striaght through to a gamma black 20. Depth everywhere in the peg was almost exactly the same 2.5ft but shallowed up a couple of inches against the stickups.

Having fed I kicked off at 6M - and to my surprise had a roach of about 3oz second chuck, the water was gin clear - I started gently loose feeding - and carried on on the two 6M lines for another 45 minutes without a bite - this was the paln to feed the long lines and let some fish get some confidence. Martin Tattersall on the next peg to me was on the point of the island and was catching a roach or rudd every put in (looked like he was fishing 7-8M) but the fish he was catch were only small) and he was feeding maggot but didnt look like he was feeding across to the island. I was loose feeding 10 caster on each line every couple of minutes - not very accurately I might add due to the wind but most of it was going in the right places.

I had planned not to go long for at least an hour - the venue was obviously not fishing well so I wouldnt be that far behind in leaving it alone.... after an hour I shipped out to the 14M line with single caster - under it went with a 4oz roach, that was a relief I thought.... straight back out and another followed straight away. Then over to the right on the 16M line and took another couple of quick fish. So there were a few there. The trick was going to be not to take more than 2 fish off each line too keep them coming... to say the wind was horrendous was an understatement but 14 and 16 was the only place I could get bites - my dad Oneabung SNR was on the next peg to my right and with his bad back couldnt go past 13M and he couldnt buy a bite.

Then the problem came that I couldnt get a bite on any rig apart from the 4x8 ... I could get odd bites on a 4x10 but very very odd - so in between the gusts of wind I got presentation right for say 10 seconds and thats when you got a bite. So with the wind gusting and re-tying rigs that had been lost in the stickups I think I managed to fish a third of the match! The last hour was better and as the light began to drop I managed to feed the fish to 14M on both lines.

At the end I had 16lb 3oz of roach and 1 carp of 4lb which counted as a pound so total of 17lb 3oz. Full result below..

Front Lake -

Peg 19 - Nicky Dodds (Team Rattler) 2-12-0
Peg 18 - Fred Maxwell (Plinker) 2-7-0
Peg 17
Peg 16 - M Wilson (MagandWag) 2-12-0
Peg 14
Peg 13
Peg 12 - T Bray 1-3-0
Peg 11 - Jim Evans 6-2-0
Peg 10 - Ian Fox (Cracker) 4-12-0
Peg 9 - Kevin Smith (Captain Kev) 2-11-0

Back Lake

Peg 12 - Martin Tattersal (Tattersal) 7-4-0
Peg 11 - Simon Young (Oneabung) 17-3-0
Peg 10 - Roger Young (Oneabung SNR) DNW
Peg 9 - Andy Anderson (Loda) 4-15-0
Peg 8 - J Morris (Jonny Chop) 1-10-0
Peg 7 - C Mitchell (CantWinOwt) 3-5-0
Peg 6 - B Greg (Carpie) 3-4-0
Peg 5 - John Sher (JohnSher) 6-6-0
Peg 4 - N Heath (CheekyBrat) 2-12-0
Peg 3 - Stuart Ward (VENUE OWNER) DNW

Others in attendance - Kevin Smith (Carptaimer), Rob Tyler (Funkmaster), Dave Creighton (Mr Trup)

Overall - 2 paid on each lake, £1 winner take all. After £4 peg fees.

S YOUNG - ONEABUNG - 17lb 3oz £110
TATTERSAL - 7lb 4oz £60
JIM EVANS - 6lb 2oz £90
Ian Fox (Cracker) 4-12-0 £60