What with it being freezing cold and chucking it down all week I am off to Willowgarth again this weekend hopefully to catch a shed full of roach.

Last week was a disaster as the TA lads met up at Pine lakes near Thorne for another of our silver fish matches. Unfortunately being the match orgainser didnt do me any favours at the draw bag - I let everyone draw their pegs and I was left with what was left in the hat - turned it over and there it was lonely old peg one. Now I hear you shout "peg 1" most venues you would scream for an end peg and I am sure peg 1 at pine lakes is no doubt a flyer in the summer being shallow and penned in the corner being crossed by the peg on the next bank (think it is 26) but in the winter it has to be the worst peg on the lake - at least nobody could accuse me of cheating the draw bag!

As for Willowgarth this weekend I'm not running the match so can relax and hopefully draw on some roach otherwise we will be sitting for lumps to put the new pole to the test.