Went to Willowgarth again this week. Nice little venue just outside Arksey - near Doncaster for those of you that don't know it.

Its a silver fish venue with the odd big carp in it. Two ponds front and back - the target is big roach but there are also alot of small fish like rudd and small roach which you need to avoid.

Anyway making my rigs up the night before I fancied the back pond, there are usually more pegs on there so you have a better chance of drawing it and to be honest I prefer it as it is more consistant and you can win off most of the pegs - the front lake your options are limited as if you draw in the corners you can't win on roach and are forced to try and catch a lump to get in the money.

Long story short I drew on the front lake.... all rigs now too short as the water is up about a foot - so instead of tying the extra line made a quick decision to fish at half and 2/3 depth, bearing in mind the venue demands you either catch up in the water or on the drop this wasnt a bad plan on the face of things.

For bait I had a pint of caster and pint and half maggot. Usually a pint of caster does the job on there in the depths of winter so caster it was. I fed 20 caster at the start and began pinging 6 or 8 shell regular in an effort to get the fish feeding on the drop, I was on one of the better pegs on the front lake with open water and really fancied my chances of a win - if and I say if I could line up the better quality roach and big hybrids.

Rigs were very simple, I fished 0.08 straight through on all rigs to 18 black gamma's - five rigs all of different shotting patterns and weights from 4x8 to 4x12.

After about an hour I was getting odd bites and odd fish, but nothing of any real size, mostly 2-3oz roach and rudd, but they kept backing off. Now this was a problem with rigs that were already too short and struggling to get fish to come under the pole tip. A quick rethink and got a couple of different rigs out - now we were talking, 4x12 preston bazzerla with 2ft of line and a bulk at half depth plus two droppers meant I could flick the rig out past the end of the pole nicely and then keep the fish coming - however the size of fish wasn't increasing. I was very busy but not getting excited, OK I was winning the lake but wanted to catch those nice big 12oz roach!!

The wind then got up about an hour later and screwed the current plan - it wasn't catching the bigger fish so wasnt too gutted at having to change again. More rig tying ensued, now I thought about having a go on the deck two hours into the match, thinking that the bigger boys should now be settled nicely having a lazy lunch all content on the bottom below their smaller friends above.

In went the overdepth rig and it all went to plan for the next 30 mins with several better roach in the 6-8oz bracket but they then dissapeared as they too didnt want to sit under the pole.

The rest of the match consisted of battling the wind and changing rigs + and searching the peg + keeping moving around to pick off a couple of fish here and there.

Finished with 13lb 2oz of roach and rudd for a lake win by default. Baz H won the match from the corner with a 12lb carp and 9lb of roach for 21lb.

Could have perhaps had 15 or 16lb if I had got my head down and just fished for everything that swims and not got obsessed trying to catch the bigger specimens but after half way when Baz caught his lump then the only way to win off my peg was to catch quality.

Another match next week so hopefully learn from the mistakes.