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It's the season for family, for sharing and for fun but for some people, it becomes a time of desperation and opportunistic theft. Following some simple rules can help to keep yourself and your tackle safe this holiday season - here's Ontrent's guide to fishing tackle security.

1) Your tackle is not bait - don't use it as such. Prevent leaving it in places where it is easy to scope up what it is that you have. Don't put your stuff in the car the night before, wait until the morning; you get fifteen minutes less in bed but you also get the comfort of knowing that your tackle is locked up, out of sight of would be thieves.

2) Don't set patterns - change up the times that you head off or come home from your sessions. If you constantly leave at 6:30am and come home at 16:30pm, it makes it really easy for criminals to target you and follow you to or from your day's fishing.

3) Store tackle separately - if you have the space, scattering tackle throughout your home prevents it from being a quick task of clearing your garage in order for a thief to clear out all of your tackle.

4) Sort your tackle in price order - this sounds strange, but the majority of thieves have two hands. Once those hands are full, they'll try to make a clean get away. They don't have the time to scour through your gear looking for the most valuable items, so they will often grab what they can and run. Having your more inexpensive tackle closer to the exit and more accessible can help to keep your more valuable items safe.

5) Insure your tackle - it sounds silly, but I know a lot of people who have thousands of pounds worth of tackle uninsured. Whether it's through your contents insurance or you go for a specialist underwriter, you should definitely have your tackle insured with a policy that offers new for old.

6) Never underestimate opportunists - even the most honest of people can fall foul of becoming opportunistic thieves, trust nobody and keep the information about what you actually own secret.

Obviously, these are just quick tips to avoid becoming the victim of theft, but we have a lot more information available in our full article right here: