27th Nov Weston Pool Rover/ Open

I decided to meet up with Liquidised and fish the midweek open rover at Weston Pools Oswestry.
I went for peg 4 on the Weston canal a snake pool with carp to double figures. Liquidised was on peg 6 just around the bend .
The peg was 14m wide with 2ft on the inside/far bank and 5ft down the track. I decided on 4 lines.
A nearside swim @ 11m in front of the adjacent peg/pallet. A line @13m on the far shelf and 9m left and right.
Went straight across to 13m. Left in 10 mins without a touch. Fed this line with half a pot of soaked micros and came onto my left hand 9m metre line. Had a few touches b4 bumping my first fish Refed with 4mm and went over the right hand 9m line. Bites straight away although they were very shy I started picking up carp around the pound mark . Gave them some micros and alternated with my other 9m line and had around 10lb after 90 mins or so. Liquidised was taking the odd fish or two round the corner. I fed the nearside margin evey 20 mins and went on it after 2 hours . After 15 mins not a touch so fed the 13m line and then went back on the 9m lines adding a few more.
On the 4hr mark went across to the far bank and Bang the float shot away and my 14 latex poured out my pole as a decent fish ran down the far bank margin to my right. After a series of powerful runs it was ready for the net and looked a good double. Just as i was about to net my prize a pistol shot rang out my my No3 section collapsed into 3 pieces. Not to be outdone I grabbed the No 2 and pulled the elastic like a pull bung and got the fish into the net.

After all the excitement the fish seemed to be spooked as I struggled to find another couple of 12oz fish from down the track in the final hour.

At the weigh in I put 27 9 oz on the scales which put me 4th in the match 5lb odd short for 3rd and some coin.

1st 59lb
2nd 53lb ish
3rd 32lb ish