OK, so today is the first time I've been fishing alone and I actually caught! Hooray!
I woke up this morning in a real bad mood I explained to my partner what my problem is and she offered the perfect solution, you wanna go fishing? She asked, I didn't need asking twice.
So recently I've been made aware of a little place called riverside fishery in Blackburn. Its tucked away behind a garden centre its not massive it has 16 pegs and I would estimate that its about 150 feet in length and about 50 feet wide, perfect for a loner like me.
I arrived at around 10 am and was greeted by a nice lad who guided me through to the pond and I gave him the 5 pounds for the days fishing. This was followed by the warning be careful of the pigs I chuckled and went on my way. I carefully and quietly made my way around to peg 9 which was sat between 2 reed bushes on either flanks, Perfect! I thought...................
So I crept in low and placed all my gear on the ground and pulled my feeder bait out of my rucksack to throw some in to create " a swim".
Now I must say I had mixed together some bread sweet corn some broken up boilies and some pellets what I believed was going to be my miracle mix.
I threw some of the mixture in the pond in instantly there was movement in the water where I had thrown it in awesome I thought today is gonna be mint then came the quacks.
Now I normally like ducks, in my duvet in pancakes with duck sauce or even with a light gun on the NES but these ducks today made it onto my hit list. Now I didn't know at the time but where I placed my bait was only about a foot deep and this meant the ducks could quite literally eat my bait off the bottom.
Picture this if you will, your set up float is balanced beautifully you throw some feed in to entice the fish in and the moment it touches the water the ducks moved in. Now I'm not known for my patience more for my out bursts if I'm getting annoyed and I'm telling you now I've got twin babies at 16 months old and they have nothing on those trucking ducks.
So after a few oi's and get away I decided to by pass the bait and just use my hook bait it will be OK I kept telling myself just stick at it.I'm glad I did.
From 10 am till 12 not a sniff possibly a couple of bites but I was so preoccupied with the ducks I probably missed loads.
So exit the ducks as there was no free food about and Bang the float popped down and my rod went up ( fishing rod just to clarify ) I wasn't far out so I could instantly see I had a common Rudd on. I've never handled a fish on my own only with my friend, to say I was nervous was an understatement. I took my time being slow and gentle and landed him my first caught on my own fish! All those Matt Hayes videos on YouTube definitely helped me today remembering that keeping the fish in the net over lap will help handling the fish and it did.
I think the pigs must of sensed my excitement because I placed the fish gently back in the water turned around and was happy to see I was being cheered on by 3 rather large piggies lol. Surprisingly they let me get on with it and then the rain came. I say rain I'm from Lancashire it was more like a brief shower, in somerset this would be classed as the bringer of floods.
The rain stopped and another bite, brimming with confidence I dealt with the fish quickly calmly and most of all with the fish's best interest first on my agenda.
Today has made me realise that you don't need bait at 10 pounds a bag all you need is a loaf of warbys and a rod and reel with float " old school" if you like, I went back to basics today and left the method feeder at home and all those rainy days persevering in the winter learning all the time finally paid off! And to end all I'm going to say is I LOVE FISHING.

Until next time
Tight lines