Fancied a dabble at North Clifton last weekend, so loaded truck up and called at The Chubby Shack for a "friendly squeeze" and couple of pints or so of the BIG FELLAS Bronze Beauties (Chubbys me bait sponsor-lol!) then headed off towards Dunham.

Pulled off A1 at Tuxford, topped hill and then clocked Chimneys at Cottam - only jlast minute decided to give east bank a miss and hung a right at High Marnham X roads amd headed for Normanton
Fished three hours on down,two on up and one after turn - ended sesh with 20lb made up of mainly 2-6oz Hybrids, plus 5 chunky perch & 2 chublets around 1lb each.

Off on a Severn sortie next week, hopefully getting among some of those Severn Scrappers.