Sunday the 4th September what a gloriously wet and windy day for a charity match.

I arrived at Barnburgh for about half past 7 with a lovely black cloud over me, think this must have followed me all the way up the A1 for me not to realise this was going to me over me for the duration.

After a lovely breakfast from Barnburgh with toast and tea I felt that I was set to start bagging as we was on the 2nd lake, and from past experience on here it has been more of a gym session than a fishing match, 100lb at least was needed to finish within the top 3, bagging up on Ide and F1's was the main target today.

So breakfast was all done now it was time get some info and some feed pellets from the bait bar, after speaking with (cant remember his name as I am terrible with names) from what he was telling me my plan of attack was almost spot on from what had been working and the target weight was right to finish in the top 3.

PLAN OF ATTACK..... I set up 4 top kits all with 4-6 Preston Holo as the fish I would be catching would mainly be around the 1lb to 3lb mark.
I set these up with 2 shallow rigs one at 12inches and the other at 2ft, then to fish directly under the shallow rigs was my dead depth rig which was about 7ft at 11meters. My final top kit was the margin rig which I found after looking about 18inches of water, which was perfect. (or so I thought).

BAIT...... Soften micros, 4mm pellets and 6mm pellets, and pint of dead reds for the margin, Bait-Tech Special G Gold for the slop to cloud the water and some yellow food colouring added to the slop.

So now I am set, everything ready, just 15mins to have another cupa!!!

Whistle goes its 10am, first cup of slop goes in at 10 meters, I start off at 10 meters to allow for if the fish drop back, starting off with lasso 6mm pellet over the cup of slop, and 10-15 4mm pellets over the top, with in a minute I have my first F1 in the net, another 10-15 4mm pellets go in and slap the 6mm over the top, with in a couple of seconds the float goes under and it another F1 happy days if this keeps up on for a PB..... Over the next hour............

Slop keeps going in, feed 4mm pellets every 20-30 seconds and fish are feeding every drop fish to the net.

What I have found is that I would have a 5-6 fish on trot then it would go dead for a couple of minutes then it would start all over again.

This went on for most of the match, switching between lines keeping the feed and slop going in. The wind was blowing from behind and the rain was on and off with very heavy showers from that black cloud that had followed me from the morning, it seemed to be when the rain came it went quite possibly a coincidence as I have had some awesome days in the rain???

LAST HOUR........ started adding some slop and dead reds to the margin to my right and just dead reds on there own to the left to see which was more active.
after giving both margins 15minutes I added another hand full of dead reds to both margins, hooked 4 dead reds on the hook and went over the maggots only margin, as soon as I lowered the float into position the float started having little twitches, I knew there was fish there, I sat and waited........ Nothing was happening the float just kept twitching and every time I lifted there was nothing there, I then went on to the slop and maggot margin to see what was lurking in there, it looked like there was quite a bit of activity beneath the surface so I opted for the lasso 6mm pellet, I lowered it in and BANG float shot down, the elastic shot straight out and this was the fish of the day this either was a huge F1 or a banging big carp, as I thought..... How wrong was I!!! As the head came to the surface and my net was scooping under him a lovely big barbell first one of the day and it was beaut!!! After toping up both margins nothing really happened after Bernard the barbell, I went on to have a couple of little skimmers, then the whistle went, it was time!!!

Weigh in time, 22 anglers to be weighed in, finally it was my turn, first net weigh 33.8lbs second net 38.11, just short of 72lb. I was happy with that!! it was a very hard day, I manage to win my section but unfortunately not in the top 3.


N. Morris 98lb
J. Brown 95lb
K. Jenkinson 90lb

Well done to everyone who fished the charity match.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog hopefully be back soon...