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For a guaranteed big weight try the first peg on Whitepost 2:
feed a line down each margin with meat and corn and fish meat and bread in the last hour for lumps
feed a line at 13m in the reeds to the far bank with 4mm pellets for F1's
feed a 4m line for silvers with chopped worm and caster
ping 6mm pellets under the tree at 11m and fish shallow for 2lb/8lb carp

Start at 13m on the deck and try and catch 20+ F1's then come to 4m and try and catch 20lb of silvers before going back to 13m for 1/2 an hour or so and then go shallow at 11m with 8mm pellets
to try and catch some proper carp,then vary each line and come short in the last hour and fish with double 8mm meat or dobbed bread.

For rod and line anglers try the method feeder with 2mm Fin Perfects and Sonubaits method mix,use small boilies,corn or big pellets on a Quickstop or baitband for F1's and carp.
On the pellet waggler feed 6mm pellets in the gap in the lillies and fish an 8mm pellet on a hair rigged band and Preston PR36 14 in 0.20 line.

These tactics have caught me weights of 289lb,278lb,235lb and 293lb.
Hope my tips help you lot.