Sunday 14th Decoy Lakes, Cedar

Going into this match I am currently in 3rd position in the Webbs AC League, with 4 matches remaining and a comfortable lead over 4th place. So now its time to make a charge for second place but first is al but secured by Paul ‘I aint done to well’ Rayner.
I have fished Decoy a lot over the past but not so much recently but from speaking to people, the weights have been coming from close in on the ‘strip lakes’, and anywhere from 70-100lb+ can be needed to take the win. I get to the draw for 9:00am and all 26 pegs are in the bag and I get peg 24, no one to my left in pegs 25,26 and Mick ‘I only got 15lb’ Humphries. Getting to my peg, I am pleased so see two trees hanging over the water about 2 foot either side of the swim and cannot see the pegs either side of me so I will have to get my head down and go for it. I usually would like to be able to see some of the better anglers as a way of seeing how my catch rate compares to theirs, but never mind.
I go about setting up my gear, put the net in, everyone has been giving one net at the start and the spares are on either side of the lake, so I can at least see people getting another net. Rules about nets today are 50lb in a net, up to 60lb is knocked back to 50lb anything over 60lb and whole weight is disqualified.
Plan of attack today is to fish the left and right margin close to the tree alternatively to keep the swims fresh and the back up line at seven meters. The margins slope off quite steeply so settle for the bottom of the slope in about five foot of water, I am using 0.16 mainline straight through to a 18 B911, a 0.3gr Preston PB23 float with a strung out weight pattern to give a slow fall through the water. The seven meter swim is the same rig and I also set up a rig to fish shallow over the seven meter line if the fish are moving about. Grey Hydro is in each of the three kits, with a pulla bung to put the pressure on at the net. Bait today is 4mm expanders, for feed and hook, sweetcorn, meat, hemp and two pint of maggots in case things get tough.
On the whistle two pots of pellets and hemp go on the seven meter line and then I start fishing the margins straight away. Dropping in a few pellets and hemp each put in with pellet on the hook. I get small barbel almost straight away, about 4oz each with the odd carp showing. After an hour I have about 10lb and things seem slow, but I can hear fish being played the other side of the tree. I swear the fish seem bigger when you cannot see them and i am worrying that I might be in for a hiding. I now try to draw in some of the better carp by dumping in a pot of hemp and a pot of pellets into each margin swim and give the seven meter line ago. Although I hook no fish I am getting liners so give the shallow rig ago over the top, which gives me five 2lb carp in 5 put ins, just as I think I got it sorted the swim just dies, I give maggot a go in one’s and two’s to see if anything is there but its dead.
Going into the third hour I have about 20lb in the net, but have seen three people go for another net, although some of our guys are not the best at gauging the weight and often think they have a lot more than they actually do. Even so, I know its time to make the margins produce something and i am not sure why but I put double maggot on and slapped the rig on the surface and let the rig fall on a tight line to the bottom. Just as it got there the grey hydro poured out of the top kit and a short scrap later a 1lb barbel is in the net. I feed a pinch of maggots and hemp and try again, another barbel, then a 4lb ghostie. Maggots seem to be doing the business and although I go through a 30 minute lean spell I continue to put barbel and carp in the net till the end, and even get a second net started.
The weigh in turns up a lot of 30-40lb nets then Terry Moat takes the lead with 66lb 10oz until Martin Parker puts in a good 80lb 8oz to take a comfortable lead. A few more 40-50lb nets come in before its my turn and I put 62lb 4oz to the scales for third overall. It seems like all of the good weights have come on maggot today, with the usually ever reliable pellet not working.
With Terry above me in the league and a place above me today I fall a further point behind with only three matches now remaining.
Next match is at Buttonhole near Wisbech.