KJS Fisheries, Carp lake, Kilamarsh

Peg 13

Fished tight to the reeds with 6mm pellet, 4mm feed

The day started off windy and there were few bites rain poured heavily as only a few skimmers were caught... as the rain and wind dropped the bites came more frequently, swirls appeared on the surface as the bottom was only very shallow and tails appeared out of the water as commons fed confidently on the bottom, bang !! i hit my first big fish of the day and it was a beautiful orange/golden 10lb koi and i made sure that i got it in as the day was coming to a close and there were only a few more hours left of my session, the fish fed more confidently on the bottom and the fish came more frequently, with many large fish lost in the reeds and fish which sped off into the open water with my elastic close to breaking point. The day ended good with my 4th 10lb carp of the day.

Guessed weight (as i did not weigh all fish)= 65lb - 70lb
Including 4 weighed= 10lb carp