Hi and welcome to my first effort at blogging..I was intending to start a thread, but it turned into a story, and then to an opinion and rather long....any way ..here goes.

So another Evesham Angling Festival comes to an end, which signals to me that winter is coming, and the countdown starts for next year. Day 1 was desperate (angling wise) as only nineteen anglers out of a field of eighty one weighed in over two pounds..As most of you know, I am local to Evesham, and I will defend the venue and occasion with vigour but even I was disappointed with day one. We can all make excuses, moan and deride but lets have a look in more detail... Angling needs a major festival, Evesham needs THE festival and Evesham needs angling. but something is wrong. Evesham has the best facility in the country for both, venue for exhibitors and parking (for anglers and public) no question. So whats wrong?...Personally I don't think the venue can sustain the amount of matches during summertime, take the town stretch pegs 1-40..This has a match on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday every week from June to August and finishes with the 3 day festival. There is not a River on the planet that can support that amount of fishing, so why do they do it?. Can it just be for the money? I'm not too sure but someone is in danger of cutting off the hand that feeds them...Lets cut down the amount of matches and spread them throughout the season, ie one Wychavon qualifier (sat) and one Evesham qualifier (sun) and alternate them..Forget the Winter leagues and create the space during winter and maybe throw in a few mid-weekers when the following match is on a Sunday during summer..They need to be spread out more as it's getting seriously expensive to fish both Sat and Sun which I am convinced is what has affected attendances this year..One match with eighty anglers is better than two matches with forty, so one match per weekend is better for the fishing and wallet!.....Day 2 produced far better results with 15 lbs winning. Obviously the Bloodworm supporters will force their point using this as a prime example.. I totally agree that Bloodworm helped, but the tinge of colour played a part too. I have no issue with the Bloodworm allowed on day two and three but lots are against it based on the fact that us locals don't see it, let alone use it throughout the year, so an obvious advantage as shown in the results from past years for those anglers that use it regularly....Day 3 was the team event and the best for as long as I care to remember (and i've been going for thirty odd years) with the result still unknown and about five teams going into the final section with a chance to win..Shakespeare eventually taking it by one point, A great result for the local boys!!...The tented village...some say it was smaller than other years...This really touches a nerve with me when people moan for the sake of moaning...the type that buy a fishing mag then moan about the amount of tackle adverts inside....Was it smaller? I'm not sure, as it started further down the field and created an image of being smaller (we didn't have that huge craft tent this year tho) however it may have been smaller but i'm not sure. what I am sure of tho is the fact there was more quality tackle to buy...Back to the moaners who complained there were no bargains to be had...WHAT!!...I saw a rod and reel for twenty quid, rod holdalls for a tenner...keepnets for twelve quid...hardly bank busting amounts..and the same people moaning that there was a lot of "tat" for sale..for gods sake, what do you want, Daiwa Air 16mtr pole + extra kits £250!!..ain't gonna happen..what they really mean is "they didn't have what I wanted at the price I wanted to pay" probably fifty percent of cost price!!...I heard a rumour once that the big guns Daiwa, Shimano, Preston, Maver etc refused to have a stand at Evesham as they were not going to have their pitch next to a stall selling cheap car boot crap! understandable to me..however get rid of the "tat" get the major players there and see what bargains you get then..three grand pole for two thousand five hundred...yep Everyone goes there with that much cash in their back pocket..Happy medium required...Spectator numbers seemed lower than usual but forget Sunday as that was a total washout but there were still thousands there Saturday and Monday impossible to guess the numbers but the stretch extended another three hundred yards this year...My biggest gripe though is the tannoy system...it went down to peg 31....but there is 87 pegs on the match length!! and even when you stood under the speaker you could not make out what he was saying..For gods sake, get someone who can talk about fishing, have guests, Dave Harrell was thirty yards away and could have talked about his products and the venue... and someone to keep you updated with weights at a volume you can here...blimey I remember Sid Huggins and Keith Arthur managed ok so why can't we sort it?...Another rumour I heard is the tannoy won't be along the full stretch because the organisers want to keep people near the stalls!!....cobblers to that...I want to walk the full length several times and hear whats going on whilst I do it..not sat behind a certain angler on the town stretch for five hours with a burger van generator blasting out my ear drums!! ....Thanks for reading