I had fished two club matches in january at willow springs near shorpe,coming second in 1 with 23lb of roach and carp on waggler,and 4th in the other with 11lb of roach on pole, a day i really enjoyed with some clonking roach and super weather for january.so i was really looking forward to the next match.at the draw it was decided to leave out the area that had won the last 2 matches to make it fairer.i drew 2 pegs from were i had the 11lb of roach it was in a corner and i was the only one to have the wind in my face and was shivering despite all the thermals for most of the match.i decided to set up pole,waggler and a feeder for tight to the island for carp,but they hadn't shown there last match and as it was decidedly colder i didnt hold up much hope today.whilst casting to the island with a bomb to clip up tight i hooked a carp, it fought like hell and after about 15mins off pulling as hard as i dare a 4lb plus carp hooked in the tail was landed,this meant i was late starting,things got worse as the first two carp i legitamatly hooked i pulled out off.after a while i got my head right and started to put a few carp in the net they were only upto a couple of pound with the biggest being about 4, fishing a maggot feeder with double flouro maggot on the hook.i was waiting a while between fish,and could see a lad further up getting a carp a chuck. i had fed chopped worm and caster at 11m for the roach, loose feeding maggot over the top and the same in the margins to some reeds with a bit of corn. again was waiting ages between bites and they were only small roach when i got one.i decided fishing the waggler was to awkward with a tree directly behind me and a strong gusting wind so i sat on the maggot feeder for the majority of the match picking up odd fish. while packing up i stepped in what looked like a shallow bit of water at the side of my staging,it turned out to be about 3ft and the shock sent me tumbling in upto my chest smashing my landing net pole, i also went over my rods which emerged unscathed so not to bad could have been a lot worse.i weighed in with hypothermia setting in 22lb for second, a superb 47lb winning also on maggot feeder.looking forward to going again when it warms up but without the mishaps