Well, having been abscent from fishing for a over a decade, i'm back into the swing of things.

Started the season at The Coopers Arms Lake, in Weston on Trent (Derbys).
Decided to do the day on maggot and waggler. No big fish (hooked a decent one, but came off), but netted over 100 fish during the day (max probably about 3oz). Was good enough, but seeked a challenge.

Someone recommended to me Springwood Fisheries, near Melbourne, and off I went with my maggots again.
Got some small fish again, but was offered some advice to try prawn, meat or corn.
Having only a little change on me, I bought a tin of corn, and off I went. Ended up with a few small carp and a couple of nice roach (prob max 1.5lb).

Since then, i've been going back, talking to other fisher(people), and have switched to meat.
One thing that can be said about this lake...both the owner and those fishing have been extrememly helpful with advice and techniques, and i've learnt a heck of a lot whilst fishing there.
After trying a few different spots, i've found my haven.
I fish against both the margins and against some lillies some 20ft away.
Catches have mainly been carp, but have also caught bream, tench, ide, chub, roach and perch.
Common, mirror and crucian carp have all been pulled out.

On average, I would say i'm getting about 1 fish every 30-45 minutes, so improving my technique will help.

Went again last night for 3 hours, and caught 2 bream (a nice slab popping up, of which on the last 2 occassion have hooked, jumped and unhooked themselves), 6 carp (mirror/common), 1 chub, 1 roach (a tiddler) and a tench.
Was quite happy, considering 4 of the carp and the largest of the bream came within the first 1 hour.
It quitened off a bit, but bites at a maximum 10 minutes. At the start, it was a bite a chuck. Madness.

Was a bit gutted, as I hooked a fish that raced off and snapped my line. The carp are up to 14lb in the lake, but have never had this problem (and landed a 5-8lb carp succesfully last Friday).

Definately going to keep going back, learn more, and hopefully perfect my fishing and feeding technique.

Off to the River Welland this weekend. First time i've fished a river in over a decade, so not sure what to expect. However, i'm sure it will be a good day.

BTW - Anyone take a guess at the weight of 308 (degorger in picture)?
Also, what type of carp in 301?
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