Well, after my last evening visit (11 fish nice fish in 3 hours), I thought (especially after not managing a fish larger than about 3-4oz over the weekend), i'd pop back for another evening at Springwood.
Due to the time, my favourite spot was of course free (in fact, all bar one peg was free).
Set up as per usual. 2-3ft depth, size 12 hook, usual float (And weight set up), luncheon meat on the hook and pellets/scraps of meat thrown in.
30 minutes later....my first bite, and a 1-2lb* roach (or ide - I really need to ask someone next time I catch one).
I then had to wait 2 hours before I landed my next fish...a 3-4lb mirror carp*
And before I left, a final 2-3lb tench*

Compared to the last evening I fished, bites were very very slow. Last time, I got through about 3/4 of a tin of meat. This time, only about 1/4 of a tin.
Hooked a couple of, which I presume, Carp (due to the way they shot off). But as soon as the line tensed as much as possible (shot off stright in front of me), they came off.
So in 3 hours, lets say about 6-9lb of fish (3 fish), 2 that got away, and perhaps only a total of 10 bites (At a guess, about a 1/3 to a 1/4 of the number of bites compared to the last evening I went).

A little disappointing, but makes me appreciate it a bit more, and makes the next outing (bank holiday Monday) a little more interesting.
Perhaps it was fished heavy over the weekend, and so the fish weren't as hungry? Or perhaps it was generally just slower.

Will I stay in the same place (subject to any matches) or shall I try a different spot (or even the other lake)?

Will see when I get there.

*All weights are approxiamte of course