Well, got to Springwood early (06.55) to find that 4 cars had already arrived, so was expecting a busy day on the lake.
Decided this time to try Peg 7, which is on the other side of the lake corner to where I usually fish (peg 10).
Lucky number?

Unless somebody else came along, I had the choice or margin (next to peg, and also by peg 8), overhanging trees (next to peg 8), lillys (Peg8/9), and the corner of one of the two islands).
Well, took a while to get going, and after about 45 minutes, I landed the first carp of the day in the margins.
Then, for the next 1.5 hours, I managed to land another 3 carp (2 more from the margins, and one from the corner of the island).
The corner of the island was bite city, but due to the wind (and one lost float), I decided to focus on the margins.
Then, from about 11.00am to 2pm, bites dropped off. No matter where I was fishing, the fished seemed to have moved away.
Then, eventually it started to pick up. Sticking the float near peg9/margins/lillies, there were plenty of bites and some more carp decided to visit my landing net.

As it was Bank Holiday, I decided to to leave about 4.30 (would have usually left about 8.30), and as I started feeding luncheon meat near peg 8 margins, it was a bite a cast (waiting no longer than 1-2 minutes for a bite).
Unfortunately, I didnt do this until about 4pm.
Managed to land about 3 carp, and had two that shot off, bent my hook, and came off.
But no matter what I landed/hooked/bite, as soon as I cast back, another bite.
Was a little hesitant to leave, but all in all, glad I did (was shattered).

OVerally, probably around 10-12 carp, totalling probably around 20-30lb (weight are much higher in 3-5 hour matches).
The carp were certainly bigger this time around, so from that perspective, i'm glad I switched pegs.

Perhaps I should have fed meat instead of corn/pellets into the swims, but hindsights great, eh?!

Perhaps time for me to call it a day for weekend fishing, and book the odd day off here and there to go.

Will definately try Peg 7 again next time...lucky, yes. Poo tactics, yes :lol: