At last a day fishing instead of getting sore thumbs playing to much ps3. All winter our team decided to stick to fishing the same pool ( me parking on back deans) as we felt you get to to know the good and bad pegs as well as what to do on each peg? I ended up on peg 37 great area as i had won the section and lake off peg 35 on round 4 before christmas with 35lb and won the lake and second overall on round 3 off peg 62 opposite with 68lb great, like a dog with 2 d***s.
got to peg 37 all the other lakes had got ice patches on them with both paddles and mike's underwater aerators going full tilt to clear the ice, the paddle at our end of the lake inbetween pegs 34 and 64 had be taken out due to the motor burning through over use over the last few weeks. idle git i here you cry! no i am not frightened of a bit of ice breaking but when all my weights before christmas have all come to the pellet cone you can understand my dissmay.