So with no pellet cone action out with the ice breaker 30 mins later and lots of sweat a 13m x 5m hole was in front of me. I set up just 2 rigs one with a garbo dc13 0.30 with 0.10 straight through to a 20 808 and doubled up no 5 spread bulk of 8's & 10's stotz for the pinkie. rig 2 was a j-range (kc chimp only with a thicker wire stem) 4 x 14 0.12 to a 18 808 pellet rig with a bulk and 2 droppers and 11 hollo laccy.
The whistle went, on one line up to the edge of the ice to my left i put in 20 4mm pellets & 2 grains of corn for later and on the other to my right 12 fluro pinkies. first put in on double flo pinkie and the float buried and a 5oz rudd was in the pan( job done avoid the dreaded DNW at all costs on a team match), a quick look round and ian boden on the next peg 35 was netting a 4lb carp ! next put in 6 pinkies in the pot the float shot under and a 1 1/2lb f1 was netted great! looked up ian was into another carp double ? i was 5 mins into the match and needing snookers