So the first 45 mins went the same way every time i looked up ian was playing a fish i had had 2 f1's a skimmer and 4 roach/rudd, ian had 6 carp? the only consolation was that we were the only 2 on the lake catching. brainwave ian was on pellet i was on pinkie so out went the pellet rig potted in 6 pellets and a 4mm soft pellet on the hook. a bite first put in and a 2lb carp was in the onion sack what had i been doing? 20 mins later no more bites and ians early action had stopped so back out went the pinkie and for the rest of the match i had odd fish some f1's & a few skimmers. ians match had ened after those first 45 mins.
with 10 mins to go i was bagging at the time with 3 fish in three put ins and the float went under and i found myself attached to something big stripping out yards of double 5 laccy under the ice after about 9 mins of hanging on i netted the beast and at about 10-12lb i was well pleased with myself but my poor double no5 was hanging out around 2 foot shagged.