So with the all out i had ended up with 1 small carp, 9 f1's some skimmers and a few roach/ rudd for about 15/16lb and said beast. when the scales came only 10lb was winning the lake mine went 28lb 12oz and ians 6 carp went 16lb odd all in that first 45mins. great i had won the lake for 3rd time on the bounce i was the dogs b******s ian was second on lake. then it got even better when we got back to the cafe and i found out i had won the match overall.
my team was 6th out of 13 not great but better than last.
dont worry if you think this guy must be hot wait untill the next round when the s**t hits the fan?

thanks for reading hope i have'nt bored you to much.cheers. i'm off for a stella.