4 of us wil be fishing in Holland in September. This is our first visit to those shores, after many years going to Ireland, we have been told that Holland is the place to go, as I Ireland has gone down and down over the years, to actually bagging up. in the 80's & 90's it was good.
So we have booked to stay at a holiday park at (Resort de Arendshorst, Kamperen aan de Vecht) , which we booked through Anglers world..
The river is called the VECHT. Where we are staying.
The guy who got me intereseted in Holland , some may know him, Tony Saunders, used to work at Hounslow angling, in there hay day, now works at Davis Angling.
Anyway he told me that you need these Preston powerful rods, and large feeders, which I can understand when fishing those large wide inland canals, with strong currents .
The river that we intend to fish, looks no wider that the thames at Reading.
I have just gone on U-tube to look this up, so unless these smaller canals are fast flowing, I can't see the reason why to buy this type of rod, or it it that they are required what ever water to fish over there.
We will be going over ther in September so not long now, to get the correct gear together, So would appreciate any information and advice , so we do go correctly prepared. and has any one fished or stayed at ARENDSHORST,are there any lakes close by, worth fishing.
Regards Alan.