I wont go into details for this match as they are alredy posted on this site.........So on Sunday 28th June fourteen binmen and a (ringer) sorry guest turned up at Makins Derwent pool to fish the fund raiser.
Up at 6am sunday morning sort gear out after a heavy day
on the carling gear done by 7am quick
cuppa tea then of to Two Shakes from this site for breakfast . Arrived at Shakeys around 7.30am to find him doing his best Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen (including the F Word ) as soon as he puts the fried bread in the frying pan all hell breaks loose as he sets the smoke detector off ..(dont think Mrs Shakey was impressed).
Any how breakfast scoffed its of to Makins not far bout 30mins in the car. We pull up in the car park by Derwent pool to see what only can be decribed as a lot of refugees
on carp chairs
Shakey introduced me to one binman after another (im no good with names so they all went over my head) as usually with binmen 3 of them were late (a wheel must of fell of a wheelie bin or something).
So draw time i put me hand in the bag an pull out Unlucky 13 what made it worse Shakey pulls out peg 14 lucky for me there was a couple of trees in the way so i wouldnt have to look at his mush for 5 hours.
The all in went at 10am and most of us would have wished the all out to go at 15mins past 10 if we knew what was to follow.....
After an hour i hadnt had a bite neither had anyone else....Then from the peg next to me i hear 'Bob you got a ciggie on the go' ???? i knew what shakey the muppet had done hooked a far bank reed . So
i walk round doing my best impression of a pole vaulter with 13 metres of carbon in me hand.... Shakey tapes a ciggie to the end and i ship out only to drop the tip in the water and put the ciggie out ...... so it back round to my peg light anothe ciggie and this time we manage to get his rig free .
Back to me peg i then proceed to bag up (well in the terms of i had 4 fish in 4 put ins )........then the sun came out , the pool went like a mirror and that was it for me.
The carp were crusing round laughing at us all.....my only entertainment for the next 2 and a half hours was the rat in the bushes next to me trying to nick me pellets and Shakey coming and blagging some pellets of me
So the match end justed as it did PK from this site turned up and gave myself and Shakey a fiver each for sponsership.....NICE ONE PK . So the weigh in there was alot of weghing in going on.
1st Andy/ Alan (told you i wasnt good with names ) 8lb 4oz just one fish
2nd Spongebob 8lb 2oz (done by 2oz should have drop a couple of swan shot down a carp)
3rd Two Shakes 6lb 6oz (were my nugget )
Well that was it pool fished really badly but remembering the reason we were there was what the day was all about ........Total raised approx £500
Thanks for reading Gents .........and Shakey if you read it
i want me nugget at Tofts mate