Arrive at Lindholme about 07:15 parked near Bonsai, had a quick look at it and noticed the fish where spawning.
Got the peg numbers of Neil we had pegs 1 to 15, I drew peg 6.

Started off by using my new preston method feeders the large one, 15g with micros and a banded 6mm hard pellet on the hook casted underarmed towards the far bank and waited for my 1st bite.... and waited and waited, for the next 2 hours I did this and still not a bite! I was also feeding the margin to my left with meat and 6mm pellets for later on in the day.

I decided to try 2 dead red maggots, threw it in, was a little short from the bank but I thought I'll leave it there, about 3 minutes later tip goes and I am into my 1st fish! Was going like a rocket, when it seen it I realised it was only a small fish that I'd foul hook just below it's fin, managed to land it, when stright back out with the maggots and then another fish, this time it took the bait properly. I thought I was on a roll, but that soon ended quick as no more bites on maggots.

I decided to try the pole, it was abou 13 metres to the island, so on went a yorkshire bair garlic hooker, and I went across to the far bank started having a few knows then the float burried, quickly played the fish and to my suprise it was a barbel. Went stright back over noting, no bites. I heard someone else was catching barbel so I decided to try and target them, dismantled my method feeder and changed it for a drennan gripper feeder where I put 4mm meat cubes in and a 6mm meat on the hook hoping for some barbel.

3 hours had gone now, and only 3 fish at this rate I would end up with 6 fish! that's one fish a hour

Plodded on with the meat in the feeder still nothing.

2 hours left and 3 fish, I decided to go back onto the pole, this time with corn to the place where I had the barbel, had 2 carp in a row from the reeds then nothing, about a hour to go I decided to try my margin swim for a while, using meat, pellet, corn or paste on the hook. I had nothing from the margin swim, float burried when I was on paste but I didn't hit it.

For the last 20 mins I decided to try one of my 4mm expanders that I'd pumped eariler, not sure what brand I think they are GOT baits ones anyway I went over
but this time inbetween the reeds and the float burried, nice little carp landed, time was now ticking away fast and had another 2 carp on the same type of
pellets in quick succession.

Whistle went and I had 7 carp and 1 barbel.

I weighted in 12lb 02oz for 3rd place.

The only regret I have it not trying those 4mm expanders on the hook earlier, as I was too focused on the method as that's ment to be the no 1 tactic.