18 April 2008
Me and my friend Markus was going to fish for some chub. We had discovered a new hot spot for chub last year. This was the first session of the year and we had some great expentations.

11:30pm its dark and we starded our fishing. we are fishing with bread on the bottom boosed with chese and cherry.

Third cast Markus strikes a nice fish at 4,71 lb. we are not that supprised, we knew that ther were some bigger fish in the swim.

Now Its my turn I had a nice take, strikes, and it feels havy. After Markus "net it" for me we saw that it was a nice fish. 5,44lb i'm satisfied.

After I had relesed "the beauty" it did not take long befor my second fish was stuck on my "Kamasan specimen eyed 4" and this one feelt even havyer. I was right the scale was telling 5,73. YES!!! a amazing good loking chub laying in my hands during a fast foto session. This was my first chub over the "registration weight" (a registration system in sweden for big specimen the limit for chub is 2,5kg (5,5lb)) this year.

Markus spreyd some DD's Total Scopex on his bread. After just a few minutes a fish couldn't resist his good smelly bait. the fish was giving markus a hard time, after a difficult fight I had the fish in the net. With "only" a weight on 4,96lb Markus gived me a dissatisfied face. I said to him that "there are bigger fish out there, you should know" because all the other times we have been fishing on this place he have taken all the big ones.

The time after Markus had landed his second fish it "did not happen so much" compered to the time betwen the 1st and 4th fish it was only an hour. almost 45minutes had past before my rod indicated that I had a take. after the strike the fish were runing against the current and I knew that this fish was in good condition to. when the fish was reaching the net I saw only a big stomach, and that usuly indicate a big fish. my Fox digital scale was telling incredibale 5,97lb. I could not belive it to fish over 2,5kg (5,5lb) on the same session, amazing.

This fish was the end of a magical night that I will never forget.