Well after much deliberation i've started doin one or two matches again.
Saturday 16th may-Townsend Lakes, Cambs.

Well here we are back in the routine or trying to at least. After talking to fellow TA member Mick Evered, it was decide that I'd join him at Townsend for an open match at Townsend, on the canal lake. Under fishery rules there's no meat, paste,floating baits,cat meat and you must use fishery pellets.
On arrival the wind was gusting an rain forcast, so thanks Mick lets get wet.
After purchasing the fishery pellets and picking up the nets, I drew peg 22, which was at the end of one of the legs of the lake. Tidy peg, cocrete staging and wind on me back, so all was ok at the moment.
I decided that main approach would be at the bottom of the far shelf, with back up rigs of the far bank near top shelf and inside on top two, this being my starting area.
Inside rig was a MW slim power .25grm with 013 powerline straight thru to a 16 tubertini 808. I plumbed up finding a fairly levelish area at top 2 length at 2 and 10 o clock each side of keepnets, this rig also doubled up as far bank rig slightly overdepth, elastic being drennan hollow green.
Next rig was for bottom of far shelf, a .3grm ackoo pelli stix with 014 fox micro direct thru to an size 18 mustad penetration carp, coupled with a set soft number 14 latex.
With rigs all set, bait was bag of 4mm fishery pellet, half tin of corn and pint of hemp all mixed together for the bottom shelf line, and bag micro pellet, half tin of corn and again hemp for inside and far swim. Hookbait wise I had done some jelly pellets for hook, as being a ton of smaller fish in abbundance, thought this would help, also some normal expanders and maggot for initial starting.
At the all in, cupped in on far shelf and top shelf line with pellet mix and fed handful of maggot on both top two lines.
Straight away I was into small green and golden tench on inside, round bout 2-4oz a piece, being u have to net every fish it does slow catch rate a tadge, but i was happy t catch from the off.
After half hour in, chap at far end of leg was catch better carp (better bein 1lb or just over), but just kept head down and carried on catching tench with the odd small carp in the mix.
After an hour it was time to try the "banker" line at bottom of shelf.
Straight away I had a better carp on pellet which was swiftly followed by another. After an Ide next put in, I stuck on peice of corn and was back into the carp again.
This scenario coninued throught next couple hours, where every time I had an ide, it was time t alternate between the pellet an corn.
The last hour went t pot a little bit, where the carp just went off the boil a little bit, so I headed back on the inside for 20mins catching small tench again. I managed 3 more better carp right up until the all out was called back on the bottom shelf line, after resting it with no more feed. Then came the big thing, had I done enough on my return??
As scales came round , I knew chaps above me had caught better stamp aswell, but wasn't sure of canal leg behind us so nail biting time it was. As they came round I noticed on board that 75lb was winning it and I knew i hadn't got that sort of weight, so it was between next four of us to weigh to see what happened to other placements.
Chap on end weighed 53lb, mmmm this gonna be close. Next was 54lb then a 48lb, had i got enough??? i didn't think so.
After small fish net went 27lb, i was optimistic to say the least.
Carp net went 32lb 4oz, so totalled 59lb 4oz an stuck me in second place overall. To say I was chuffed, is bit of understatement. Never seen lakes before let alone fished proper match for round 4yrs, I was well happy.
Many thanks gotta go t Mick, for all the info he gave me week leading up to the match and of course for the nugget.

Will have to see if can carry on in the next installment.