Townsend Lakes Sat 23rd May Woodpecker pool.

Well after last weeks result, the week leading up to the match I was in good frame of mind and then found out match would be one of the other pools, as they are fished on rotation system around the complex. So it was back on the phone to Mick for all the info.
Smaller pool with only 20 pegs, but your able to use your own pellet, along with any meat,paste and GB (kg limit) that you wanted to. So armed with paste, micro, 4mm and hooker pellets I decended too the venue.
Weather was cock on, if a little bright, sunny with light breeze blowing into the far end of the lake. So this being the plum area to draw, I ended up pulling out as far away as possible and drawing peg 1.
With barrow all loaded I made the massive journey of about 40mtr to my peg. On first impressions I was quite happy, nice bay area to my right with small clump of lillies around 4-5mtr out surrounded by reeds, to my let was onion grass but as the pegs were very close together, I wasn't holding out to much faith here. Outta the bag came soft number 12 latex for 11.5-13mtr line where i was going to be fishing pellet, with alternate corn hookbait and 14 latex for inside and over the lillies.
Far line was .4grm ackoo pelli stix with 014 fox straight thru to size 18 mustad penetration carp, fishing at round about 4.5ft deep in level bottom. Inside by the lillies, was practically same depth as out, set up a MW .3grm paste float again with 014 fox straight thru but to size 16 penetration carp. With only slight deviation of a small shelf, the lillies was my pellet/paste area, an whilst setting up I noticed them knocking about now and again, yummy.
At the all in, I potted in cup full of pellet an few grains of corn at the lillies and half cup of micro with some corn an few grains of hemp at 11.5mtr.
After 15mins I had my first bite on far swim that resulted in 6oz skimmer, then nothing. No matter wat i did i didnt manage another bite on pellet or corn, so I headed t inside.
First put in on paste float sailed away,nowt. then again an again. Summat was amiss so on went 6mm hooker which resulted in 2 small golden tench in succession. Then the reeds moved then the lillies so summat was definalty about, an then it sufaced .... a FLIPPIN WATER VOLE WITH A MOUTH FULL OF LILLY PAD. Did i curse or wat.
So I headed back out to 11.5mtr line and had 2 quick bites then 3 fish on the bounce goldfish and a tench, maybe they'd moved in at last an then again, as was proven, maybe not.
I came back inside and first drop resulted in 3lb common, so spirits were lifted, this followed by couple small tench then it went off again. So back on 11.5mtr line which gifted me with another 2 goldfish, which looked like small golden footballs....full o spawn.
Biteless next 30mins, had me back on inside where I got demolished by a munter that headed straight thru the pads, this proved to be my last slice at the action.
Weigh in was dire, 10lb 2oz of hard work. Far end peg won match with 44lb, as was fisrt predicted, catching the carp on double cat meat latter part of the match.
Yet again Mick's pound headed over my way and yet again he came away with the raffle prize (sure he only going for that). Next week is on the bigger lake where skimmers are the main target, with the hope of carp, tench an possible better bream as bonus, so we shall see.