Saturday May 30th Townsend Lakes Canal Pool
Weather - Very warm and breezy

Well what a scorcher of a day it was forcast too be, so it was on with the factor 30 and away to the venue.
On arrival,once all the dues were paid, I met up again with Mick and we proceeded to put the world to rights.
Draw time arrived and I duely pulled out peg 16. After a look on the board, I noticed it was an end bend peg on one of the canal legs, which I was quite happy about as in last match 52lb came off it, so it was load up the barrow an away we go.
On arrival, Mick (the nugget bank) as behind me on 14, so at least we could keep eye on one another. First peg impressions were quite pleasing, nice reed bed inside right for margin swin and a few fish toppin round an about, so quite happy at the moment anyways. Only downer was lack of feature far bank, just mud bank around 14.5mtr away, an with the ever present breeze blowing right to left, it could make it difficult. Once all the box was levelled up and keepnets in, I set about the rigs. Nothing complicated 3 rigs one for inside, one for just over the front shelf and a far up the bank rig.
Rig 1: Inside right margin swim 2ft deep with 4x12 float 014 fox micro plus straight thru to size 18 mustad penetration carp. This was going to be used with pellet/corn over bed of fishery micros,hemp and corn mix.
Rig 2: Over front shelf 5/6ft deep 4 grm ackoo pelli stix 014 fox straight thru to size 18 penetration carp. This again was to be fished with pellet/corn with 4mm fishery pellet,hemp and corn mix.
Rig 3: Far bank line,practically up the bank 10/12inches deep 4x10 tiny blob float 014 fox straight thru to 18 mustad penetration carp. Feed was just to keep firing pellet up the bank until the swirls began before fishing it.
With the rigs all set, bait was next. Nothing complicated as there is no meat,paste,catmeat, groundbait or floating baits, plus fishery feed pellets only. So I open one bag of 4mm and a bag of micros into each tub, separated a tin of corn half into each and then added 1/2 pint of hemp into each tub. A separate bag of 4mm was just left on its own for pinging up the far bank. Hookbait was corn and either 6mm expander but more predominatly 6mm polar ice as a main hooker. I'd never used these before , but with alot of small fish around thought the rubbery texture might help, havin constant blips and miss bites, with the pellet staying on.

At the all in, I cupped 3/4 cup of the 4mm mix just over the bottom of the front shelf(bout 6mtr), cup of pellet at far bank and good handful on the margin swim, which was where I started the match.
Straight away I was into small tench with odd small carp in with the mix. Now the pain here is you've got to land EVERY fish regardless of size, so even the 3oz tench had t go into the deep pan nets provided. It definatley slows you down but once into a rythm, it aint too bad. While catching these tench, all the whie I was pinging pellet up the bank and it didn't take long for the swirls to appear an carp backs coming outta the water. A relative stamp here is bout 10oz upto around pound an quater, better fish of 1.5lb-2lb are really a bonus nd the odd 3-4lber is a diamond.
So after giving it another 15mins on the inside , it was 14.5mtr an away we go. first drop it in resulted in small 4oz carp, followed by 2 more before a better fish grabbed hold which promtly swam 14mtr back straight towards me. These proved to be a majority pattern, of when they were hooked it was ship back as fast as possible to keep up with em. I'm sure they've been bred on steroids, lord knows what they're gonna go like when they average 3/4lb.
I managed one or two better carp then pulled outta one on the strike, so decided to rest swim and have a look over the shelf. On went a 6mm polar ice and first drop in resulted in a carp of around 1lb, a few more followed with 1 touching about 1.5lb, so was fairly happy at this point. Every time i went out, i was topping up with the 4mm mix thru maver kinder cup, at end of pole, which seemed to be best bet rather than loose feeding even tho was well in range, all the while pingin pellet far side. Whenever the swim seemed to be dying, I'd just rest it by fishing the far swim. I then lost two better carp whilst bringing them back from far bank, then picked off some smaller specimens, so it was back over the shelf. I carried on switching between the 2 line throughout the remainder of the match, ending up catching right up to the whistle.
I knew i'd done ok weight wise, but didn't know how the rest of the lake had been fishing, the chap next peg too me had also caught well and it was certainly close between us. I popped over to have chat with Mick, and he said they'd caught ok along his bit so only the weigh in will tell the full story.
When they finally arrived near me, a look on the board showed 54lb winning, I knew I was close if not a little more but we'll see.
I finally tallied 61lb 8oz thru the 3 nets, so 1st at the moment, main rival next to weigh and his went 64lb, so those lost fish had just edged me outta top spot. 6 more weighers and indeed I was second overall, which I was chuffed at, only 3rd match of the campaign so getting there slowly. Oh and not only did I also win top on the raffle but best of all I copleted the hat trick of nuggets from Mick. Roll on next match, one of the other lakes again so we'll see how the band wagon carries on rolling or will the wheels come off???