Date: 6th June 2009
Venue: Townsend Lakes, Cambs.

Well here we go again, ready to go and armed with everything imaginable to TRY an bag up. At the draw it was noticed that with 19 anglers on a 20 peg lake this was going to be a tough one to say the least. Ideally the middle pegs be ones to draw, so clever ole me went an drew peg 7 right in a corner......great.
On arrival, I was pleased to see a over hanging willow tree to the left which looked very fishy, an open bay further round to the left but this would be outta the question as chap on 8 wouldn't be too impressed, open water was limited to 11.5mtr safely as 13mtr would be very limit right on 8's area, right hand margin was onion grass which normally holds few fish but with the amount on the lake the pressure was immense.
I set 3 rigs up
: open water was a .3grm ackoo pelli stix 014 fox micro straight thru to size 18 mustad penetration carp, this was to be used with white hooker over bed of white 1.5mm feed pellet.
: Inside right under the tree was .3grm MW paste float with 015 powerline straight thru to size 14 penetration carp for fishing cat meat.
: Inside left was .2grm ackoo pelli stix for fishing pellet.

At the all in i cupped open water swim with half cup pellet, then fed inside left under tree with half cup o cat grub and then full cup of 4mm pellet and inside right just loose fed micros by the grass.
Chap on 8 had 4lb carp first put in which promptly decided to plough thru my open swim, so needless to say i wasnt feeling to optimistic any more. I swiftly came inside right to give it a rest after the carp, an after a biteless 10min I had to give open water a go.
First bite after 15min resulted in a decent skimmer, then a small golden fan tail and then a tench. Then the high spirits quickly went down hill, bites gone an struggling began. Try as I may icouldn't get a string of fish going, with just the odd fish now and again. The carp were in the bay to my left, but craftily behind the willow tree outta reach. Chap on 8 adjacent to me, was biteless after his early flurry, then started catching inlast 30mins, I managed another few orfe and a barbel from inside to end up with 4lb 12oz. 32lb won the match from peg 5 in open water on pellet.
Not a brilliant day, but it can only get better.......well can hope it will anyways.

Tight laccies