Date: Saturday 13th June
Venue: Townsend Lakes, Cambs.

Well final match on here for a short while , now that the rivers will be up and running, but hoping to get the odd one or two in still. Todays match was back on the woodpecker pool and with around 16 anglers it was a little better than having a full 20 peg match. Mick was here this week so I was on the lookout for another quid from the nugget bank of Wisbech. At the draw I was 3rd up and pulled out peg 20, which was yet another corner peg, but this time with bit more room than last match, an who was on next peg for company??????? mr nugget himself.
After taking a short while assessing the peg, i had reeds to my right and a small over hanging tree to my left, I decided on 3 rigs, one for open water, one for just away from the reeds and one for tight under the tree to my left. But would my super duper pellets ( red,yellow,white and black) do the business.
Rig 1: open water was a -3grm Ackoo power trap with 012 fox micro straight thru to a 16 tubertini 808 coupled with number 10 solid latex. This was pellet on the deck at 11.5 mtr.
Rig 2: inside right just off reeds. .2grm Ackoo pelli stix with 014 fox straight thru to a 18 mustad penetration carp, using pellet on hook.
Rig 3: inside left under over hanging tree. Ackoo beanie with 015 powerline straight thru to a 16 penetration carp, again with pellet or possibly corn.

At the all in , I cupped half cup of pellet at 11.5mtr, a mix of 1.5mm white an 2mm fishery pellets. A big cup of 4mm under the tree to my left and 3/4 cup of 2mm pellet about 3ft away from reeds.
First put in at 11.5mtr an indications straight away, not like the nugget bank who snared a munter on the tip straight away, all of around 13lb. At this time the quid was edging it's way to mick, so my skimmer and then a small carp needed to call the bigger cousins to get back in touch. I was steadily putting together a few fish on pellet, small tench and the odd golden fan tails, but felt summat just wasn't right with the bites being so finiky. Sure enough a carp grabbed hold of around 5/6lb, after a good tussle on 10 latex, it was in the net and I was back in touch with mick. After that carp it went quiet, so I re fed and came inside right by reeds.
First drop in resulted in a chunky goldfish, promptly followed by another and then a golden tench. All the while I noticed that the reeds were knocking about , but the chances of dragging em out was slim and none, an slim was just leaving the car park. A few more small tench and a welcome beautiful koi followed but decided to rest swim and try inside left, under the tree. First drop in on 6mm polar pellet resulted in a barbel of about a pound, then a small tench, and then nowt. Not even a bite, liner or anything.....was there a big carp sniffin about?
Another fishless 10 mins had me back out at 11.5mtr and another couple skimmers, then the inevitable happened. The sun broke thru the clouds and a stiff breeze got up blowing into the far bottom corner, which took my fish with it. So I decided to try "animal farm" by the reeds. Liners were a plenty, then I latched into a big fish, which promptly ran staright thru the reeds, said hello t mick and that was the end of that. The old scabby reeds cut the lacci like a razor and the beloved ackoo pelli stix was no more. Mark this date as a day of mourning. Next drop in the beefed up gear resulted in the same but float back and bno fish. Back on with another rig and this time it was s*** or bust, I pulled and to my suprise I pulled him out, Nice carp of around 7lb was in the net. A few more smaller gold fan tails an odd tench and skimmers brought the all out.
Being last to weigh, all the gear was away when scales arrived 55LB was leading with 37lb second, then 32,31,29lb respectivally. Mick put 22lb was on the scales so this was gonna be tight, my fish went 28lb 4oz, so yet another quid found it's way to the stevie sludge fund and bonus was I also won the raffle and a bag of tackle goodies.
That'll be my lake matches done for a while as be back on the river, but hoping to do few matches on the ouse and may even get back to Townsend for one or two.
Tight laccies all.