I am a pleasure angler; I have recently got back into the sport after over 15 yrs away. I have missed so much since I last fished.

My father once said a that he was going to sell all his fishing gear, he is 75 on sat, eyesight has never been good as he lost his sight in one of his eye when he was 17 in a turning accident and later in life he lost the tips of his fingers of his right hand in an accident in a paper mill. So with the on coming of many years he stopped going fishing as he couldn’t rig up. So I asked him if he still got all the gear he said yes and I said good, let’s go fishing.

I got my Enviromental Aggency license and found out that Millbeck was a day ticket water.

I had the day off work, and took him down to Millbeck fishery. I helped set him up and we fished for a good few hours. From around 1 pm thro to 7.30pm. The fishery opens 8 to 8 all week apart from Wednesday when it is shut. We both fished the big pond, I had a nice 3.5 lb bream near enough on last chuck, as you do, we didnt have any proper baits, in other words we didnt have any maggots, so we were limited in sweetcorn and some soft hookable pellets, it was a good day to be back on the water and said we would defincaely be doing again.

That was on 20th may, since then I have joined our local fishing association and I have also found a few 'free' ponds that we can fish also.

I fished on the small pond on Fri. after work with my dad, he prefers the small pond and it is fun. I had my rod and reel set up for the bigger fish in the pond, there was a 10 lb carp pulled out the other day and the guy John, who looks after the place says he put a 13 lb in over 12 months ago, there is nice tench 3 or 4 lb and I have had from .5 - 1lb mirror and common carp out of there along with all the Rudd and Bream tiddlers, using wagglers and maggots you tend to lose count of the amount of fish when you hit double figures.

On friday I set up up my whip quickly, 10 minutes as I had a waggler already for it so i gave my whip to the old man to play with while I set up every thing else. By the time I set up his rod and had it weighted he had about 6 tiddlers already using the whip.

So we swap and I have a play, after about 10 slivers I am getting bored so I set up my rod and reel with a hair rig, the small pond is in the shape of a figure 8 with a bridge of about a meter in the middle, so the traffic in the pond has to pass this area of about two or 3 square meters in length from one side of the pond to the other, remembering that it is a figure of 8. So with a vanilla boillee about 10mm in size on my hair, I throw a few in get the fish interested, I cast my line slap bang into the middle of the bottle neck, with a couple of minutes my float starts to dance, I strike get something for a split second but it is gone, I feel it but it goes. never mind, reel in under arm flick and bang on again, my whip float is long gone so I pull in and I have a 2-4 oz Rudd, nice, cos I missed the strike it has swallowed the maggots, as I am free the little greedy beggar my other float disappears, I quickly put the Rudd back right hand and take hold of my other rod with my left hand the float pops up, damn!!!!!!!

Was that the 13lb swimming past and grabbing the boillee? or a big tench so I reel in change the boillee leave my whip on the bank as I need to concentrate on the one rod, plop the line goes in, and again I get the float dancing, Johns mate who helps around the place is watching and he says 'go on' so I strike and miss it. I reel in and he goes, 'Ah, sorry hair rigs are banned on here'. Meaning the small pond, I go like ok, sorry and threw the boillee in the pond and start to take it down, I get chatting and he says it is fine, no harm done but you need these things, he heads off to the caravan (office) and shows me boillee bands, explains how you put a hook thro it and then you can place the boillee or pellet inside the band. Now to me that doesn’t seem any different from using a hair rig.

It isnt my water so I am not fussed, just another piece of kit I need to buy. Me and me dad had a great time, he said he caught over seventy fish, we both caught plenty of slivers I caught more common carp than he did, and I caught a small mirror, about 1/2 pounder.

The tench are still elusive though, I am still very eager to catch one at least, as well as a big carp.

On saturday I went to Raonhead, pronounced Ron head, to the FFA ponds, went down to Rita and had a look, been reliably informed that there are 2lb Perch and Roach in there. I looked at it and didnt fancy leaving my bike on top while I scrambled my way down a good 20 or 30 feet of steep banking to get to the water. So I returned to high pond and fished in a swim I have already fished, main reason for fishing it is my bike is drectly behind me. I have caught some nice bream there and again on sat I caught two pound, pound and a half bream. I was fishing by 5.30 am, and it didnt get going for a good 2 hrs, had my whip out on a waggler and maggots, and set up the hair rig on my rod and reel. Vanilla boillees again and I baited the air, I was getting small bites from my whip but nothing that I think was strike worthy.

I really went for it big time ont he hair rig, using boilless and sweetcorn, grund bait was a white 'Dynamite' bait for tench bream and carp, it smelt good, I used a bag of it, half a tin of hemp seed and a small tin of sweetcorn was used, I changed over evry 30 minutes or so from boillees to corn and vice versa, but i couldnt get anything to bite, not one bite all morning. i was getting a few litte bream and roach on my whip, 3 or 4 an hour. but nothing special.

I perservered till around 10ish, I had done a good 4 hrs with the hair rig set up, my groundbait all gone, and not one bite. os i packed up my whip and took off the hait rig and then just flaot fished on my rod and reel, I got a cupe of pounder breams and a few tiddlers but for all the time I was I got about 15-20 fish, about 3 an hour, it was such hard worlk and it was tough, but I would rather do that than sit in a pub to be honest.

Was it the moon phase?

Oh well, next saturday will be an all day session wiht my old an, it is his birthday so what better way to spend it, I will be on the small pond with him agian but it is fun, hopefully I can net a bigger fish, maybe one of those elusaive 3lb+ tench that are in there, I have seen one swim under my rod.

This is a sad monday at work, only relief will be the half day fri again, going to the tackle shop to buy some more odds and sods.

Oh well best get on, Laters folks