I reckon I have had a little too much sun this weekend, I have added to my brown forearms, a rather brown neck, well 3/4 quarters of it is nice and brown.

I had a very bad headache and I was feeling sick all day Monday (16/06/08) so a little sun stroke was my diagnosis and a day spent in bed under the covers.

And why, you ask did I get a little too much sun?

Well another half day holiday on Friday and I was home at 11.35 am and grabbed the gear and my old man and we went down the ponds at Millbeck fishery, on Friday afternoon, we were met by John and we set up on the small (breeding) pond, I may have told you it is a figure 8 shape with a little bridge over the middle. So the old man was on one side and I was on the other. We both fished towards the bridge.

So our plan off attack was to fish either side, as this bottle neck in the ponds was a sure place where all the 'big' fish in the pond would swim from one side to the other. As soon as we got there I put some ground bait down in the swims, I had made PVA bags so I dropped them into the swim, and then set my 6m up and gave it to the old man as I set up his rod. True to form the old man had caught a couple of Rudd before I even checked his float to se if it cocked ok and was weighted correctly, it was and as I was just snipping the extra line off the hook he pulled in his third.

A quick swap over and I went and set up my chair and my baits on the other part of the figure of 8 shaped pond, I put in some more ground bait, it smelled with halibut oil additive, using a couple more bags and a couple of handfuls on each side, I had a pellet band and slotted a boillee inside it and dropped a couple more boillee’s around and sat and weighted, after about 20 minutes and the old man was pulling out more Rudd of all sizes and I had nothing I lifted up and nothing on the end, so I popped on another boillee and dropped it on to the baited area waited 10 minutes and lifted up, nothing on the end again, strange I didn’t have a bite, so a third time and again after 10 minutes I had nothing, I abandoned the boillee route and went on the maggot and sweet corn offencesive.

I pulled in a nice Rudd or two as I used sweet corn and slowly I was getting quality fish, switching every 20-30 minutes from one bait too another, the fish were steadily coming in. I was getting nice common carp, young ones ranging from about ½ lb to a full pound and just over, I landed 6 or 7 which must have been about a third of all the bites I got, I am far too quick on the draw. I see the slow moving float and I strike far too early, I need to work on that I know.

So we are getting close to last knockings, it is not much after 7pm and we will be packing up at around 7.30 pm as the place shuts at 8, unless you are pre booked to fish the night, so I have just had my 6 or 7th common and no sign of the tench or the mirror carp all day, and after a good six hours with the baking sun on the water I reckon it has been far too hot for them, it is only 4 feet deep on the whole the side my dad fished is about 3m in diameter, while the side I fished is about 4 m in diameter, with the water being a nice hot chocolate brown colour, we reckon they (the 5lb plus tench) would not be doing anything till night fall.

So suddenly we are thinking of packing up and I have had a couple of carp on the bog standard white maggots (which this week where superb in quality) I pick off a few Rudd to finish the day off and was just putting a few things away ready for the pack up when the old man goes ‘ YES!!!!!!!!. I need the net’ so I grab the net and the old man plays a fish for a 3 or 4 minutes and its head pops up it is a common carp, I net it and leave it in the water for a minute, I tell Dad to wet the unhooking mat and he does and I put the carp on it, the hook is off in the net it looks a good un dad holds it, ‘4lb at least’ he says, I grab the scales sling, pour water over it, zero the scales an we weigh it, 4.5lb came up, The old man gazzumps my half dozen commons with a beauty. Fair play, as it is his fathers day and his birthday treat, (his birthday was on sat).

Funny thing though I had just re-rigged him, he lost a fish, another good one and as the float sprang up it tangled at the end, so I has just re-rigged him, it took 10 minutes or so, he said not to bother, and I decided to put a bigger hook on, I was using a size 8 and I was hooking the carp ok, and I was about to put on the 16 that was on already, but changed my mind and stuck on an 8, said for the last 30-45 minutes he could have a bigger hook, lobbed a bit of ground bait in his swim and had a coupe of handfuls left for mine. It was his first chuck with the new rig on bingo; he gets the fish of the day.

Another funny thing, John has a mate who comes along to give him a hand and he said ‘Don’t need ground bait’ we will talk about this a little later.

So 7.30 comes we start to pack and chat to Mike the owner and say ‘goodbye’ it was another good day fishing, and the old man certainly likes to catch fish, the big 10lb and 13lb carp never made an appearance, neither did the 5lb plus tench. But we can’t complain we caught pretty much non stop and the old man was very happy as he jsut likes to catch fish, no matter the size or the type. Maybe thats where I get it from.