What a wash out, I gave it a good go, I lasted 5 hrs of constant rain then gave up on saturday afternoon.

I did find out that my wet weather gear is rubbish, and after 5 hrs I was soaked thro to the bone, cold and an hour or so from hypothermia.

So I have been revising my shopping list......

It stands at around 350 quid

Garbilino squad pellet combo rod - £50
Reel (50 quid max not found one yet tho)
Wet weather gear (wywoodrogue suit) - £70
Boots - £40
Seatbox and cushion (shakespear) - £40

Bi-cycle trailer from Argos - £100.

On top of that lot, as they are essentials in my book that I really need, but I could add to that, some floats, line, rod rests, umbrella (with wind break sides) swim feeders (method) and the list goes on, so I could spend another 100 quid on top.

So my trip to Holland with my brother and Norm in september could very well be off. He said you ned 500 quid plus 'spends' for the week, but that 500 quid could be spent on all the gear I need to feel 'comfortable' and really the new rod and reel should give me more quality in the fishing I do and therefore, better quality fish.

Anyhow, saturay looked to be great, I was fishing by 8.30 at Millbeck, the old man was supposed to be there wiht me but he was coming later, I was using just your bofg standard white maggots, bread and sweetcorn on the small pond, waiting for the old man to turn up, mother turns up says he aint coming now, collects some stuff, leaves me a couple of pies, and I carry on, then the rain starts around 11, I continue to fish thro till around 4 ish when i feel thats it I have had enough of the rain I am wet and i pack up and walk 30 minutes inthe train carrying all my gear in the wet........

Still when I gfot there at 8, i got two handfuls of my sweetcorn, this sweetcorn was co-op no added salt or flavours, bog standard 60p a can stuff, I had two cans in a tub with a nice helping of liquid 'spicy prawn and shrimp' flavourin into it, man that stuff was bad, it made me wretch when I smelt it.

I chucked two handfuls in and within a minute I had turned the pond into what looked like an Alcazeltzer in a glass of water, there was bubbles everyhwere, John stopped and looked, said what are you using, I showed him my sweetcorn, and said have a smell, he laughed said no thanks, so just beofore I dipped my line in I threw another handfull in.

The bubbles were all over my baited area, I had a pretty good first hour with a couple of rudd just short of a pound, and some nice young carp. As soon as it started to rain and looked like it wasnt going to stop the whole day began ro be a washout, sure I was catching fish, common and mirror carp to a pound and a half, and some nice rudd, using maggots bread and the sweetcorn.

So I am done with Millbeck, esp the small pond, I could carry on to try to catch both double common capr, and the tench have evaded me once more, but I am going to fish down Moorfoot next weekend, have a change from Millbeck.