I didn’t post about last weekend, sat the 28th of June. I did fish, and it was generally ok, until a couple of lads decided to mess around and they fell onto my landing net snapping the pole and doing something so that the net was jammed on. Most likely cross threading it somewhere inside.

The following Monday I fished with my old man and after a promising start, till the old man turned up then I went quiet couldn’t catch a thing, he kept (three times) fishing over my line and tangling us up, so I spent more time sorting this out than fishing. Oh well you win some and you lose some.

The old fella was away this weekend, I got him a load of stuff sorted, ground bait, weights floats shot hooks on line already; he can tie those. Got his rod and his reel ready all he had to do was pack the stuff up and go on Wednesday. He can fish this pond in chesterfield that hasn’t been fished for over 3 yrs (apparently).

So I am getting my gear sorted for Fri. and the weekend, looking thro my tackle and I notice a reel is missing my reel with my 10 lb main line, where is it, I get the umbrella out and look for its pole, that has disappeared too. I phone and dad says that he is going to use my reel, ‘it is mine after all’ but I remember he said ‘you can have this reel’ and that’s why I spent 5 quid on some line and filled it up. So my feeder fishing is out of the question this weekend, I still have the Shakespeare reel I got with the ‘rod and reel’ combo I bought on Monday along with the landing net. This rod is a 13 foot, meant to be a spinning rod but was told it is very good to be used with floats and has a screw in tip for a swing or a quiver tip; I bought a quiver tip on Fri.

So I sort my stuff out, and on Fri. after work I get my usual 2 pints of maggots for weekend fishing. I head off down Millbeck, I go on the small pond and fish for about 5 hours, it is stress free, just got some maggots, bread and sweet corn, pulling out Rudd after Rudd, and a couple of small commons no bigger than half a pound. The sweet corn was not pulling in the carp as I expected as I had the pond to myself. Mike the owner was chatting to me and said ‘watch this’ he got a round of my bread and started to feed the carp on the top, I have seen this on TV, but never sat no more that 3 foot way on the side of a pond and watching these mouths come up and take the bread. Mike showed me, you but all the shot on the float and has about 18 inches of line to the hook. I have not had so much fun ever fishing. Watching the fish take the bait and then waiting for the float to move was mind blowing, I caught a good 1.5 pounder and one just under a pound and I must have caught a dozen Rudd of differing sizes too. Catching Rudd of the top with bread made me laugh every time. So last chuck on Friday, about 7.10 pm and I was thinking of getting home, hot shower and meal were calling but it had been a great way of unwinding after a week of work.

There I was, lying flat on the pond side head poking out form the reeds, keeping an eye on the bread and I see a mouth raise up and take one, and again, another, only mine and one other piece left, this cavernous mouth appears from the deep and takes my bread. My eyes laser in on my float and it moves away (from the bridge) slowly sinking. The float disappears, I count one two and pull, yes I feel it as rod bends over the line is as taught, The fish darts away and I feel it shake…………….’Ping’ the float and comes flying up from the depths, yes I did swear, I couldn’t believe it I pulled in the float and the hook had come off, man….. I mean I had landed a couple of tiddlers and Rudd with that hook; it was on for a couple of seconds. I use barbless hooks and I have been told that it will work itself out and the carp will be fine.

Oh well I packed up, it was 7.15, thinking of what could have been, the ‘one that got away’ It was a size 14 hook for the record. I go and see Mike we have a laugh and I say see you tomorrow, nice and early.