I get to Millbeck for 7.45, been thinking of the ‘one’ all night, dreaming of it, been awake since 5.30 and have the bike all packed up and my rug sack all sorted too, I go to the paper shop, get some snacks, I have had sausage and toast for breakfast and coffee, just waiting for a good time to set off. I set off early and take my time, it is a down hill bike ride on the whole also and only 5 minutes if I were to hammer it. The fishery doesn’t open till 8 am on a Saturday but I sneak in at 7.45, by the time John turns up at 8.15 I am in the water (hee hee hee) I fish the small pond again using bread on the top, get a couple of tiddlers (commons under a pound) and a few Rudd but the ducks make my life hell and I look for a sheltered peg.

I go to the big pond, peg No.2. I have the wind in my face, I got nice margins, I decide against setting up my feeder rod, it is raining and I couldn’t be bothered getting it out and fiddling with the tackle to set it up. I chuck a few maggots just off the margin, my peg is set back in between reed banks, there is a plank to sit on and as I cast out I set it so I can balance my rod front the end of the platform and the plank. I am making up my bit of ground bait, I had just poured my pond water into the mixer with the bait and I look out to my float, which isn’t there. Yep that’s right, I slowly pull up on my rod and I can see the line disappearing to my right and the fish then suddenly feels my resistance and all hell lets loose. Now I was thinking Bream and Rudd when I moved ponds and this did not feel like a Bream. It veered to the left and headed out towards the middle of the pond, for a good ten meters, my clutch whining away as I lessen the load on it. I manage to turn it and it heads back in, more towards my left this time it is steaming in towards the left reed bank so I wind in tighten the clutch and stop it just before it reaches a big flash of creamy white and huge splash, a mirror I think it was, as it set of towards the right and thrashing around it freed itself from my hook.

My heart was racing, adrenalin flowing, what an amazing buzz, even tho I lost it. I wound in threw in some maggots, finished the ground bait and chucked in a couple of lumps some more maggots and then bunged in my 6 or 7 maggots on my size 12.

I waited with baited breadth, was that carp a one off, my float starts to sink and I wait it goes and I pull up, a Rudd, lol, next an eel, then after about 30 minutes after my first take, I get a smooth moving float to my right slowly sinking as it moves, I pull as it disappears and bang, my arm feels like it is being pulled out of my socket, I get two hands on and flick the bail arm over and out goes the line, 5, 10, 15 seconds it speeds off into the deep of the pond, I lessen the drag right off and flick the bail arm back on, the carp is still on. It takes a could minute to bring it back in, it zig zag across the pond in front of me, until it is what I feel 8 – 10 metres out, the float appears and the fish is about 5 metres out swimming left then I turn it and it swims back, I keep the pressure on and turn the fish slowly moving him nearer to me, I drop onto my knees, and push my landing out under the water his head appears and slides into my net without much fuss, man I was feeling dizzy, head spinning, the lad who was fishing over the other side came over and had a look, we weighed it and it was 5 ¾ lb’s fin and scale perfect common . The biggest fish I have ever caught. I was over the moon, it was unexpected, I mean you have to have buzzers and method feeders and hair rigs and halibut boilees etc. to fish for carp, don’t you?

I mean wagglers a size 12 and 6 or 7 white maggots wont catch you carp. It is just so uncouth, so un refined. Anyhow I carried on, I not only got my PB fish the common I went on to catch a 4lb Mirror, another PB. I weighed a couple more fish and they were a 2.5 and 4 lb common which were probably the best of the rest. All together I caught dozen carp and I wouldn’t be surprised if I had kept them all it would have been around the 30lb mark. I lost a few too, one which could have been bigger, also I thought I had played this fish correctly, it was head up on its side. Bringing it in to the net it saw it thought ‘Don’t fancy that’ and bang off it went, leaving me in despair on my knees that 15 minutes hard work was gone and my float and dangling in the air.

That was definitely the highlight of the weekend, the low point 6 hrs in the rain on High Pond ad catching 2 tiny Perch and a skimmer Bream on Sunday.

So plans are a foot, the old bloke didn’t have a good day fishing by all accounts, so this sat I will take him down to Millbeck, but no small pond. He can have the peg that I was on and I will have the next one a long and we should be able to catch a good amount of fish.

Oh well…….. roll on next weekend.