Friday after work was a wash out, apart from finding a nice little location to fish for free about 5 minutes cycle from Millbeck there is a pond which is 'free' to fish.

The ony problem I see is that it is over run with kids and there is so much litter and remnants of camps that sooner or later who ever owns the pond will fence it off.

Saturday the old man cried off at the last minute, 'I don't fancy it' ..........

Oh well all this bait and ground bait ready mixed, just add pond water, I had better use it up, so I head off and go down Millbeck and I fish the same peg as the week before, using same tatics, waggler fishing with a size 12 hook and and a bundle of white maggots on the end, I bait the area up then make up my rod, chuck in more groundbait and a ton of maggots, get the landing net and unhookng mat already, nice and wet with plenty of pond water.

The wind is blowing a gale into my face. The waves lapping up onto the end of my peg. I put my line in the water 5 minutes later the waggler is slowly movingf away. First chuck and I am in. I land a nice 3lb common.

I lose a few and carry on catching, I catch 10 in total but the 3lb is the biggest I land, I am sure I had a bigger one get a way tho, I lost 4 fish, but I netted 10 and my reckoning was about 20lb in total. the smallest was a good pound and like I said above the biggest was only 3lb.

I was a little dissappointed but I still caught a good number of fish and each of them fought like little Trojans.

I did lose a couple to a similar tatic, they were straight out in front and they kept changing their direction so I got mixed up on which side strain to put on the line, and in this confusing 10 or 20 seconds the fish worked itself of the hook. If anyone has any good tips to help prevent this from happening please add a commnet.

So after 7 hrs of a gale blowing in my face from around 8 am i packed up and went for a bit of fun on the fun pond, where I caught a couple of common, 1 lb being the biggest.

So not a bad saturday, the old man says to me 'lets pop down here on sunday'

I groan....... on the big lake, he goes 'No' I give in and say ok, I was tired.

Sunday morng get up get the gear ready and we get to Millbeck for around 8.30. It takes two attempets to get him rigged up and he it is just after 9 when he puts his line in the water. I am just about to put my float on my line when i hear the sound of '!!!!'

The old man has struck that hard he lands in a tree bhind him and then yanks it out of the tree and is totally stuffed up, I have to cut him down and rig back up.

I gat my line wet at 9.45, over an hour after we have arrived, there is a guy with his son and I put on some bright red luncheon meat on my hook dropped it in threw in 2 or 3 peices and waited, this is first chuck and my float sinks and I strike firm and hard. the rod is bent double and i reel in the slack and play the fish for a good 10 minutes, it must have been around the pond about 8 times beofre it finally gave up, head out the water, spitting water I am on knees I lean right out and she is in the net.

I pull it to the side of the pond and leave it for a minute, I wet the mat and my sling and grab the landing net and rod to lower it gently on to the mat.

hook in bottom lip, size 12, it has come out itn the net i lift the common up and move thje net and lside him into the sling.

I quickly weigh him and it is 3.25 lb, thought it was bigger tho. The picture never came out tho but I didnt hang around and slowly lowered him back and he swam off after a minute.

The old man was 'what bait is that' so I gave him some, and he was happy, he caught loads as he was fishing where I was looking after all the kids, everytime they tangled they came to me, I helped them out with settng there floats and shot, they seemed to have a load of pre weighted ones where they were using a rubber that was useless.

It was good helping the kids, one lad esp was really upset he hadnt caught, I sorted his gear out and his first chuck, using my maggots too, he caught a nice rudd, I said thats 50 quid you owe me, poor lad thought I meant it lol. I said 'told you, you would catch one'

But what got me mad was my old man, lifting carp straight out of the water, I did once but i thought it was a tiny I had on as it was a baby carp under 2 oz, but the old man has a landing net but never used it.

It really made me angry, and I told him not to be lazy, get of your backside and land the bigger fish properly, a coupel of gorgeous rudd, size of your hand dangling in the air.

It made me mad, I kept tellng him to use the net thats why it is there.

Any ideas on hwo to deal with this please add a comment

Oh well, roll on next weekend. hopefully I wil be fishing the FFA ponds this weekend, away from the old man.