Not so much a knock-up more of a social thing. Four of us pegged shoulder to shoulder primarily for the purpose of hurling insults and general mickey taking.
1st. Nicky Dodds 60 roach for 12lb dead.
2nd Trev Golton 10lb 12oz
3rd. Craig Harrison (harric666) 10lb 10oz
4th. Gary Watson 9lb dead.
We went with the plan to just fish punch for roach but one angler was found with a tommy Ruffe in his net which led to accusations of cheating. It was overlooked on the basis that Craig has only fished the canal twice and has cracked double figures both times so we don't want to burst his little chuffed to bits bubble just yet lol.
Winner caught mainly at 7m in about 10ft of water using a 2gr sensas duoy float or a 2.5gr cralusso torpedo when the canal ran.
In the words of Nick Park..."a grand day out!"
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