Morning all..

Well first of all thanks mfs for running this competition, and a massive thanks to trev price one of the G.O.T Boys for giving up his free time to teach up some new tricks, we also had the Pleasure of meeting Terry Lancaster one of the England vets , he himself has won an individual gold, a 3 silver medals.
And not forgetting Keith from The G.O.T Bait team who was on hand to teach us some of his knowledge too.
It was nice to meet 3 new faces from mfs, from up North, the only mfs member i had met before was Pikey.
These 3 lads from up North were a great bunch, we all got on like a house on fire as if we had know them for years.
These lads were used to fishing the trent and places like that and had never caught over 30lb, they was in for a big shock today as you can catch 30lb in 15 mins.
I did'nt really know what to expect from this day, so i quized Trev when i got there around 0815.
His reply was we are all going to start the day with a nice fry up, we will have a chat after breaky for plans for the day.

After a very nice breaky and having a good chat with the lads, trev took us out on the patio on the back of the match lake, where there was 100s of carp waiting for left over breaky, Trev knew all these carp by name too, the lads from up north had never seen nothing like it plus they didnt understand our southern accent Lol, Only joking lads.

Trevs plans for the day was as follows.

To all get set up in a swim he had placed us on , we all had plenty of room as we was on the right hand bank of silvers lake, my lucky peg was end peg far end.

We all set up, then along came big bad Trev price to pick holes in our set up, the way we were feeding, if he was my teacher i would of been expelled for throwing him in the lake lol. (only joking trev, but you would make a good head master, your in the wrong job)
My set up for the day was 2 margin rigs 019 Straight through and 020 straight through one with red hydro and purple hydro both .2 floats to a 16 B911 one with a band the other no band.
I also set up a 5m line just over the shelf this would be my start line whilst priming up the margins .
I started feeding 20 pellets by hand on all 3 swims, i went over the top on my 5m with 8mm jpz and within 10 seconds 1st fish was on, then the headmaster told me off for not feeding LOL trev your a bully.
After getting my head around about feeding 3 pegs every 10 seconds , i sat back and said to myself this is too hard work and im over complicating things.
1 hr into fishing i had around 30 carp in the bag, Trev stopped us all fishing a took us down 1 by 1 into his little cave where he showed us his tackle, im still sore . LOL..
No he took us all down to neils peg where he had his top kits set up, to say it was very basic was and understatement, 1 x middy universal top kit with brown hydro 020 straight through a .005 float 1 number 11 down the line to a size 12 B911.
he started off with his magic gb two small balls into the margin, he then layed his tackle in and fed 6 magg every 5 second and 5 pellets every 10 second this would continue for the whole 20 mins whilst trev was showing us the ropes and how he fished the matches, i could not believe he was using 2 maggots on a size 12 hook, but where you are working the bait the fish see it as a moving bait and boy did it work..
You could hardly see his float as it was just breaking the suface, we all quized him on feeding, hook sized and his tackle.
We all took turns having a go and we all caught a few on this method.
We all went back to are pegs for 2-3hrs where we put this into practice of fishing the one margin line..
To say everyone had 100lb of fish in this time is an understatement, it went mental for all 5 of us.
I found by attacking the 1 swim ,your putting all your efforts into the area trying new things and not over complicating things.(this is the way forward)
I will be certainly putting this into practice on a few venues i fish
There are no hard and fast rules about this method and one day it will work other days it wont, but you must have faith in it and give it a chance to work.

Trev then took us too, the breakfast cabin were Terry Lancaster took us through his england set ups including a 50g lollipop rig, it reminded me of carlos tackle lol.
Boy did it open our eyes .

Trev then handed us out a few freebies each with consisted of 2 magic potions bottled up, 2 packs of hydro red and brown, some attomic cloud, some sconezone floats, some B911 hooks.

For all of us matchmen that think brown hydro is for whale fishing today opened my eyes and i will be def fishing it more, you will be surprised give it a go.

Trev is a man of quality knowlegde he has his hands in almost everything and is a revalation to fishing, he is constantly trying to improve the bait world, he has even to get bait into the states and EU Contries, well done Trev..

Well you love potions worked last night, i went to the common and the birds were queing up your secrets safe with me Trev...

Well done Trev, Terry, Keith and mfs for making this a day out to remember,

Cheers Terryturnip