Hi folks my names Jym Moore and i am 55 years young lol i have fished for many years in clubs - opens and nationals
My club BTSC has declined over the last couple of years to the extent that we will not be fishing many matches if any next year so i have decided to go back onto the open circuit and the venue i have chosen is Lakeview near Melton this is fairly close to me as i live in Nottingham
Lakeview offers a challange as i am really a Canal angler first a river angler second and mercial angler last with the above in mind and my eyesight not what it was Lakeview seems to offer me the best option. but what are those options ? well its mainly up in the water fishing on pellet something i only got into this year in our clubmatches at Lakeview (i won both) not because im any good you understand i did my homework and put a bit of practice in which paid off. Now i am about to start making my rigs for the opens ready for after Christmas
My main attack will be to start on the bottom with pellet then come up in the water as the fish compete for the bait i will feed two swims one at 12 oclock and one at 10 too 12 my other line will be paste in the margins The majority of fish are f1s and small mirrors/commons
Rigs will constist of
MW Diamonds and MW Rugbys for on the bottom
MW Cookies for between 2 and 4 foot and
MW Peas for shallow
Line Shimano Antaries 0.12 - 0.14
Hooks mainly B911s in 16 and 18s
Elastics white and grey hydro

Time for some reconacence
Now i intend to see how many lakes there are how deep each lake is what are the Autumn summer flyers

So can an old dog learn new tricks

i will let you know how my practice sessions go and come March/April will see how i start off in the opens

Anyone who has any tips on Lakeview please let me know