I thought that I would like to start a blog about fishing. My fishing. What goes into it I am not quite sure yet, but I intend to use it to "think out loud " and try and make sense of all the thoughts and ideas that occur to me both on the bank and at other times when my mind wanders towards things piscatorial.
Funny things, computers. As I wrote "piscatorial" my computer suggested "pig snoring" instead. Is it trying to make a comment on my blog already?
I seem to live for fishing at the moment. I am lucky enough to be able to fish most days of the week. As I sit here in our mobile home, the lake is only fifty yards away and looks very inviting in the autumn sunlight.
I am a real "fiddler". I am always altering things and experimenting with rigs and bait to try and gain an edge.
My wife Billie thinks I am mad. I find a method that works, win the annual site match, and next morning I am out trying to change things that didn't go right on the day.
I bore her, and others, to death with my constant chatter about new ideas, so I thought it was about time I inflicted my rantings onto someone else instead. The world of the internet is the one to suffer. The internet will have to suffer the crumbs from the Breadman.
I don't intend to start with any "ideas" in this blog entry, as it is already a bit long (or long-winded) but I will say just one thing - I think I just might have found a great way of catching that will "give me an edge".
Tesco's calls, but when we get back, I will try it out.