I had a good day today. I fished from about 10 o'clock until 4.30 with an hour off for lunch. It's great being able to leave the tackle and go back to the caravan for lunch and a cuppa.
It was very windy so I fished a peg with the wind behind me. I know that you are supposed to fish the bank that the wind is blowing into, but if it starts to rain (which it did), then it's a devil trying to get a brolly up properly.
I have developed a system for fishing out in the lake with a sliding float to target the bream as well as the carp. I realise that I could simply use a feeder, but I really enjoy fishing with a float and feel that it should be more sensitive when targeting skimmers and roach.
I use an unloaded, bodied wagger that I over-shot with two or three SSG shot immediately above the hook link. These keep the rig stable in windy weather and lead to great lift bites- especially from the bream. Two more SSG shot are placed about three feet above this, but these two are not enough to cock the float on their own.
The hook link is just four inches long and the hook is a size 14 with a quick stop.
Bait is a bread pellet.
The whole rig is fished over depth by about one foot. This allows for undulations in the lake bottom and means I can dictate how much float is showing by simply moving the rod forward or back on the rest.
My real secret is to wrap softened micro pellets around the hook and bait before casting out. The ball is about the size of a walnut. This not only adds casting weight, but feeds the swim on a little and often basis.
Today I had 11 bream and 6 carp. Perhaps not a lot, but I spent a lot of time trying out different hook sizes, and length of hook link.
The thing is, I just thoroughly enjoyed fishing this way. I suppose it might be because my father taught me how to fish the slider some 50 years ago and it just felt right.
Thanks Dad.