I am still enjoying using the slider out in the middle of the lake. I am catching consistently and this is allowing me to experiment with different rigs.
I am alternating between a sensitive rig with just SSG shot down the line and a heavier rig with a 20gm weight to anchor everything. The 20gm weight can be semi-fixed or free-running.
The disadvantage of the sensitive, more traditional sliding rig is that I have trouble sinking the line without moving the float. Normally I would simply over cast the area I want to fish and wind in with the rod tip under water, moving the rig into the "hit zone" and sinking the line.
The problem is, I have pellets moulded around the hook bait and I am worried that dragging the rig towards me as I sink the line would cause the pellets to come away from the hook. I would then be feeding one area and fishing another. I do not want the pellets moulded on too firmly.
I now want to see if winding in quickly, before the rig has settled, might work. Ther should be no tension on the hook link, so, hopefully the pellets will move with the whole rig.
I should be able to tell if it works, as I can see where the fish are feeding by the bubbles coming up. (If the surface is calm enough).
I prefer the sensitive rig, but must admit, fishing the heavier one, with the weight semi-fixed, is working well and copes with any weather conditions, such as strong cross winds. It also means that striking is a lot easier. No long sweeps behind my head to pick up 30 yards of line from under the water. Simply bend into it like feeder fishing.
I am not fishing today, for a change, so I will try again tomorrow.