hi i am new to this site but i just posted to ask if any 1 knew wich lake was wich at woodhouse. im going tommorow (sunday) . this will be my second time iv only fished the 2nd poole on the right as you enter the venue, i had a good result. i was just wondering wich poole has the biggest fish in, which poole is fishing best at the moment stuff like that. tomorow im going for mainly carp and large tench, or any large specimins. if you could please post withing the next 32 hours that would be great. cos ina bout 3 hours im going beddie byes, gotta full day fishing tomorow carnt wait im fishing with corn and 10mm pelets can any 1 give me an idea of what meathod to use. i hear that around peg 45 there was a sunken boat and fish tend to congreat around this area