Well, this is my first ever blog and my first entry on Talk Angling (TA).
I'm also a newbie to fishing, so hopefully I'll be able to share my learning curve and in turn, help any other newbies out there.

I've bought a couple of rods and reels, a pole (inc elastic and some ready made rigs) already and have joined a couple of my local angling clubs, to give me access to some local areas, as I'm slap bang in the middle of 2 club's waters!

With my rod licence in hand, I've already been down to the canal 3 or 4 times and have also been up to the "swamp", a local lake, stocked with ide up to 5lb (allegedly).

I've not caught a thing so far, but have enjoyed getting used to setting up and learning how my equipment works.....albeit not that well!!!

I'm going to have a look around on TA and see if there is any information I can use when I venture down to the canal again this weekend....

Bye for now and I wish you all "tight lines"!