Well its been a while since I fished Boldings ( see earlier post) and I said I would post a 'match report ' here it is ….
The weather was mild and dry on the day with little wind, almost perfect for my first ‘Ton up’ I was thinking. Dream on! It started to go wrong when I got there, parking up on the car park and decamping the gear ready for the jaunt to the lakes. Trollying the kit across to the crowd awaiting the draw, I was wondering where there kit was when one of the guys there pointed out I wouldn’t make it far with only one wheel on the wagon! Cracking trolleys these Preston ones, it must take genius inspiration and an acute understanding of engineering to believe a thin 1'' screw passing through the centre of a hub set up will provide enough force to ensure the hub will retain the wheel to a seat box with cassette footplate, 2 keep nets, and a carry all containing various assortment of pole rollers keep net arms and spray bar as well as enough bait for a days bagging!
I digress, 'where’s yer kit?' I enquired, 'down by the lake with the car' was the response. So despite the signage indicating the prohibition of traffic passing, it seems that one can ferry kit to parking areas nearer the lakes (it’s an option I would be taking next time!)
I was going to be walking to the lake this time.

In the café the cook wasn’t happy, serving breakfasts he was hoping not to, he went about the task under mutterings of alleged start times. And so in a dazzling display of inappropriate customer service I had a 30 minute wait while three breakfasts were cooked and 2 sandwiches were assembled before I could be on my way with 3 bags of venue pellets and the knowledge (gleaned from a regular customer also waiting to be served, but with the added annoyance that he would not need to await a draw and could, should he be served, be on his way and wetting line in pursuit of a relaxing days fishing on one of his day off from work.) that corn hadn’t been working over the last week or so.
I guess the half hundred weight of pulse would need to be returned to storage then! And with no meat in the bag the outlook was looking grim. Doh!.

Come draw time I wanted to be one of the first with the hand in the bag, this would leave me time to hike to the waters. The anticipation. The draw. The sound of dreams being crushed as I read out the lake I was to spend the next 8 hours on, Larch!
The walk there was uneventful save the overturning of the precision machined trolley when I asked it to scale a small bump in the road, no harm done no bait spilt.
I reached my peg it looked ok and to the untrained eye promised some piscatorial action, having taken a few minutes to recover from the trek to the lake ( these gym sessions don’t seem to be working at all) I set up my kit, all the gear and no idea in the truest sense, all blue and black, my peg area bristled with extra pole tips, Nets and bait trays.
My Peg, Lilly pad in the margins to the right a Lilly pad area out about 8 meters in front. These were my chosen battle grounds.
The start time came and went without the usual war cries of ‘all in’. Anglers around Birch pondered the situation and tentatively, eased out pole cups, unrepentantly, cast out feeders and with an air of belligerence, cast out splashing wagglers. A few needed more encouragement and joined in the activities after discussion. ‘Did yow ere the all in?’ ‘I daint, did yow?’ ‘Must ov been called as them are feeding!’ etc etc etc… let the games begin….

In I go with the pole to the lily pads ahead over the top of cupped pellets, the margins get the hand feed treatment. With a large piece of corn on the hook on the bottom I am constantly getting small knocks as the lakes resident roach muscle in on the swim. The margins are no better, I swap to feeding maggot in the margin, the smaller fish will be fed off and the bigger fish might be worth the effort. I did not at this point believe the entire lakes silver contingent would be considering making reservations for château peg 1! They were and did and so for the remaining time of the match I set about trying to get bait down to the bottom in the hope it would be ignored by the smaller and pounced upon by the larger.
The next peg sat on a feeder all match and took two (maybe more, I was busy, missing bites mostly) carp. A performance he was not impressed with either, elegantly expressed when with more than half hour still to go he packed up. When he saw the scales also starting from the other end of the lake he went home, looking back at the water with only scorn. I sympathised. I managed to haul one carp from each of the swims and the rest of the time was spent swinging in silver to hand. Not a winning bag, come the weigh the scales man informed me I had won the silver fish pot ( at least I would have had there been one!).
So with the match over I returned to the Upper car park and retrieved my car parking near my peg for when I was kicked off the lake. I consoled myself with a cup of tea and fished on till the aerators jumped in to action indicating closing. Yep, caught more in the last hour than the previous eight. A mate of mine says ‘if you’re not catching your doin it rung!’ I guess I have much to learn. Still, a new venue under the belt and the day was pleasant enough.

George Cooper Memorial - 25th September 2008

Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth

Name Lake Peg Weight

Individual Overall

1 Gary Haywood Sycamore 8 72lbs 2ozs
2 Pete James Sycamore 2 66lbs 8ozs
3 Allan Bailey Larch 16 58lbs 8ozs
4 Derek Willetts Larch 15 55lbs 5ozs
5 Steve Heizman Chestnut 18 47lbs 10ozs
6 Dave Rowbury Larch 24 46lbs 13ozs
7 Dave Kent Sycamore 48 45lbs 6ozs
8 Sean Green Chestnut 21 36lbs 10ozs
9 Neil Thursfield Larch 18 34lbs 10ozs
10 Dan Thursfield Larch 11 33lbs 13ozs

Steve Heizman 18 47lbs 10ozs

Dave Kent 48 45lbs 6ozs

Dave Rowbury 24 46lbs 13ozs