As member of the Halfway House Angling club I was due to fish the Severn At Shrewsbury on Sunday. Alas the River was in flood and so the match cancelled. All was not lost however as Our men in charge of all things official at the HHAC were on the case.
A new venue was organised, the crucian pool at the ridings. I think this is one of the most recent pools added to Riddings , but could be wrong. The pool is Triangle in shape with one of the longest sides ( there are two long one short, almost wizard hat shaped!) not fishable as it has been planted with an assortment of trees and bushes running down the boundary fence. I had fished this pool just once before last year so had an idea of what to do. Last year most persisted with the pole despite conditions being less than perfect, and only getting a bite when the wind was off, which were times few and far between. Just as the match was ending some regulars came by on a recon for a match the day after. They informed us that we were not fishing the three best pegs on the pool and that we should be chucking a lead to the trees opposite with a piece of corn on a hook. A swift glance across the pool confirmed that this is what one of our guys was doing with results, He turned out the eventual winner ( I should of set up a ledger rod , another lesson learned I guess!).
So this time I turn up with not one but two feeder rods! My new Map Parabolix STI feeder system rods These were matched to a box of freshly built hair rigged size 16 hooks with quick stop, a tin of corn and half a bag of fish meal fine groundbait. I was set.

Now the reels I was using, one old, a Mitchell 300s owned for many a year it has seen days of use and built before the day of line clips ( I would be using the Rubber band method of line clipping) and a reel provided free with a magazine subscription . This reel does have a line clip but the line lay is poor but not helped by the curious angle the fixed spool sits on the spindle! Still at least the bail arm closes at first ask unlike the now geriatric Mitchell’s bale arm to whom persuasion in the form of rapid retrieve eventually causes the mechanism to function.
So the All in is announced and immediately I set my lines, one shorter one longer. Now then, this was my first time fishing clipped up. My first casting attempts could be described as ‘a good effort’ if one were being kind and did not want to reference reality in any way or if being brutally honest ‘ comedic’ as after catching bushes and Trees a few times, end gear cracked off or whizzed back to the peg following a ‘good yank’. I am sure I heard sonic bangs as the small cage feeder I was using flew past my ear on its way to embedding itself in to the gate post behind me!
After getting my act together with line and length I settled in. Using my mobile phone timer to alert me when two minutes were up I cast to two lines on the same path. One two thirds across and the other as close to the bushes and trees as I could get. One line behind the other so should the closer line become active, line bites, caused by fish bumping the line as it passed through the closer swim, would alert me. The Timer method was a new one to. I though if I keep putting in regularly then the noise and cloud caused when the cage feeder arrives would attract fish. I used the timer to stop me day dreaming! it worked really well, in fact I am pretty sure I caught two carp that I would not of if I had not been casting so regularly as on retrieving at the alarm fish where on when no indication was seen. So I ended up with 21 lb of carp on a cold day following a sudden drop in temperature as well .
Came 2nd on the day beating all but one other by 10 lbs and being beaten by just 2 lb.
Many thanks to Sean at Stevens tackle of Cradley. Great advice on tackle and method (not the timer, that’s all mine) helped me loads on this day, and will on many other occasions no doubt.