A day of catastrophes, disappointment and few fish.
The day got off to a poor start when I opened the bait fridge to find seven pints of the finest larvae frozen. . Made doubly difficult because I had stored the neighbours bait in there as well!
We arrive at the M54 services expecting a decent breakfast sandwich from the chuck wagon that is usually there. Its not (must be off on Sundays!) so we have a 'Brekkie Bap' from the services Yuk!
Travelling in convoy to the welsh bridge we make the draw and every one sets off on the easy walk to the pegs. My peg is a classic! all the other pegs have only a dugout section to get the angler down to bout 5 feet off the water, mine has that and an extra set of scaffolding taking me down to about a foot off the water. It would of been perfect if the scaffolding also had the full compliment of boards but with just one board I was going to have to fish over it with the plethora of line snags just waiting to catch my line, rod, nets and any thing else that’s within the vicinity or balance ninja like atop it. So I donned my mountain goat boots and off we go. The all in came and the fish went (if there were any about in the start) 5 hours of fishless tedium interrupted only by breaking feeder tips and fly away brollies. Luckily the wind blew my upside down brolly up stream and across the river to the far bank where , after a short walk across the nearby foot bridge I could retrieved the pretend Coracle.
I didn’t entirely finish fishless, a micro bleak gave me and agreed half ounce for joint 5th, 8 lb won followed closely by a 8oz second and 4oz 3rd. will I be back ? You bet ya!