for many years i have fished "normal" waters for proper fish like gudgeon ,daddy ruffe and plips [ transparent roach ] but all that has now changed as the missus has gone and got herself promoted and has to work EVERY weekend therefore ive had to look at fishing midweek matches ive had to go over to the dark side ...COMMERCIALS !!! ....
and what a transition its been . ive had to change my whole kit over .. gone are my 1s and 2s elastics to be replaced by something i could tow the car with.. and hooks !! i used to think a 22 was a meat hook ! ... and oh how i used to laugh at the noddy turning up to my local bream water with his rod already made up in a tube on his roof rack .. amatuer ..ive got 3 that must make me a tri-noddy !!..
my old asi has now been loaned to the natural history museum to be replaced with a box you could launch into space , in fact im sure fox will soon be bringing out an attachment to receive SKY!! could have tight lines beamed direct to your peg !!
im fishing my 4th match on a comm. on monday the adventure continues