well my eagerly anticipated visit to the flash turned out to be a damp squid, literally..it p'd down all day .. i couldnt sleep the night before , constantly running through my head what i was going to do.. i'd have 5lb of roach at 5m before going long on my groundbait and pellet swim to constantly catch bream to the end of the match to comfortably win with 100lb...i caught f***all at 5m and a bream on the long pole, it was swimming in a shoal of one.. but i did learn something... my swim location was paramount [the match is a rover ie.you can pick your peg]. we had heavy rain the day before and on the day of the match, i sat on a peg in the deep water ,usually very consistent.. wrong .. all the cold rain water sinks to the lower layers , result, the fish sit well off botom.. the pegs at either end of the lake ,the shallows [5 to 7 foot ] all caught well no cold lower layer ..
and ive got to stop going fishing with a pre conveived idea of exactly what im going to do..its best to turn up and assess the conditions before deciding your plan of attack
you never stop learning !!