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    Default Ted Carter now under the Angling Direct banner

    Hi Guys

    Are you aware of this. Just searched for pole floats clicked on the following link and got the resulting message




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    Mark, got to say this worries me mate because God knows where their finances come from but this company is going to rule the fishing tackle market it would appear. Basically it will mean that manufacturers will be screwed and we will pay more in the long run and another nail in the coffin for the local tackle dealer. However I still believe we the anglers are the answer because we can make a choice because where I live a couple of young guys opened a tackle shop late last year and we are supporting them. At the same time AD opened a mega store in Slough and I know the costs of running a unit on this estate as I used to work there 15 years ago and the costs are unbelievable. The odd times I go in there there seems to be more staff than customers. Basically we have seen them take over Fosters of Birmingham possibly the biggest tackle shop in the country, Tackle Fanatics and now Ted Carter plus the others they have bought.

    Where will you go for a pint of maggots in a couple of years if this continues?

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    Support your local tackle shop, most but not all will be able to do you a deal as good as AD, I never buy stuff from AD, even online I will try to use an independent shop, this company is not doing the fishing industry any favours in my opinion.


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